The moment is finally here, the panel has decided who is America’s Next Top Model.


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Rita Ora Announces The Winner Of America’s Next Top Model Season 23 | America’s Next Top Model


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  1. 3 years later and I still don't understand why Rita Ora was the host even for just this once cycle. It's like Betsy DeVos hosting a dating show or sth. Baffling.

  2. Tatiana is boring and plain. There have been much more beautiful black girls on the show like Camille who was portrayed as a bitch (I don't think she was) and didn't go very far. Anyway…

  3. I like India BUT Tatianna should have won this season! Her photos were stronger and she had everything they claim they were looking for. Drew’s comments about her selling lotion was super f*cked up

  4. "I was told to never fall in love with someone's potential"
    This didn't age well when you judges named Kyla as the winner of cycle 24 huh

  5. Holy crap. I finally managed to watch this season online and damn… Rita Ora is such a self-centered robot. One of the girls is happy… [insert Rita's personal story], one of the girls is sad… [insert Rita's personal story], one of the girls is bawling her eyes out… [insert Rita's personal story].

    Rita was an absolutely horrible choice for ANTM.

  6. Honestly India is just so pure and sweet and she soooo deserved to win. The ones who win are always the ones who stay away from drama and who are being themselves

  7. This is not ANTM, this is just another modeling contest. Sorry, but the host and the jury are not the best choice.

  8. So in Ashley’s words, it shouldn’t matter if you’ve been dubbed best performance five times as much over your competitor and that it isn’t about just taking great photos? Well didn’t India win two music video shoots, a commercial and a motion editorial along with a photoshoot?


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