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Rengar voiced by Chris
Kha’Zix voiced by Patrick



Welcome to jungle where I am the king
At the top of the food chain hunt and kill everything
And you call that a stealth? Mine is 7 times longer
When your steppin near a bush you’ll see whose claws are stronger

I save a space that I can place my most prized possession
Your head’s the trophy for the centerpiece of my collection

You must be blind to even think that I could ever be defeated
Oh wait, you kinda are I took your eye before you ran and retreated
Then I proceeded to heat it up and eat it
Next time we meet up isolated you’ll end up deleted

You’re so infectious to this game and it’s causing a crisis I mean,
just look at your kit its got the e-bola virus!

That joke was so bad I died a little inside
I guess it’s good that i was born with these 9 fuckin’ lives
You’re just a tiny purple bug that I could easily smash
Even amumu wouldn’t hug a pest that dwells in the trash

When you see the yellow sign you’re gonna need a hard peel
Just take a look at my score I’m more fed than garfield

You got me cornered so there’s only 1 solution
I must power up to win this with my mecha evolution

You’re living a delusion, and my power’s you’re conclusion
When I find you in seclusion It’ll be your execution

You said a lot of words and it’s got me me in confusion
I’ll show you my super mega ultra evolution

Instrumental by: Instalok Tony


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  1. Wtf kha zix evolved from flesh to mecha and rengar put that in its heaf and *super mega ebolution"dumb rengar when hes closet u cam already run but kha'zix comes from Bush and u dont know hes there igh dumb rengar

  2. TBH,if insects were to be as big as kha zix,none from animalia kingdom will have easy time to face him….just imagine those small fast insects with their hard exoskeletons to be as big as that…rengar's doomed

  3. 1:12 to 1:16
    Rengar: just take a look at my score I’m more fed than Garfield
    Kha’zix:your only fed because my bot lane doesn’t work

    I laughed so hard XD i can relate

  4. I remember playing rally Championship 2000 in 2007. I remember playing CS 1.6 in 2009.I remember playing tf2 in 2013, cs:go in 2014, Overwatch in 2016 and siege in 2017, why the fk did i started playing League in 2019 i never gived a try to this game and that was a huge mistake and I'm just sad becouse I could play this game all day back in the days instead of all that dead games that i called

  5. now tbh, everyone who knows something about rap battles must realize that kha'zix had the overall better lines
    yes rengars last line was pretty dope but almost all of khas lines hitted


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