(RECAP) America's Next Top Model Review Cycle 21 Episode 5: The Guy Who Starts A Fight (REVIEW)

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(RECAP) America’s Next Top Model Review Cycle 21 Episode 5: The Guy Who Starts A Fight (REVIEW) ❤️SUBSCRIBE. LIKE. SHARE❤️
ChristineDoesDrama is back with another ANTM review! I will be discussing Angelea Preston as she is planning on suing ANTM! Tyra teaches the models the three steps involved in making love to the camera to prep them for a sexy black widow-themed photo shoot. Also the big news of this week is Romeo’s Disqualification!

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16 thoughts on “(RECAP) America's Next Top Model Review Cycle 21 Episode 5: The Guy Who Starts A Fight (REVIEW)

  1. It's true… use your energy for your own shit why waste it on someone else… especially if you feel you're that good.

  2. I loved Angelea! I was so anoyed when we never got an explenation.
    But if it is true that that is why she was disqualified i think she should get some sort of compensation. She worked her ass off and whatever happend in the past is the past!

  3. Romeo has an amazing look. It's one of the most interesting look I've ever seen in this show. Being a witch becomes him even more interesting, BUT I don't like bully people and Romeo actually is. Despite not liking Adam nor a little bit, because he's a dumbass, I don't justify physical assault. I think Adam handled that situation very well, but it would have been the last straw otherwise. 

  4. Well what happened was Angela actually WON all stars but on her Facebook she messaged one of her best friends saying she won . Know when you sign up for ANTM you have to let them look at your messages , pictures private info . And they found out she told someone and apparently it is against the rules to tell someone you won until after the finale is aired so basically she was disqualified . Oh and btw Angela won over Allison so either way Allison wouldn't have ever won all stars 🙁  . So they had to re do the whole finale episode basically

  5. I agree with you 100% on the Lenox thing. She doesn't need to be sexy. Her commercial wasn't THAT bad, she got two 7s that 1 from Tyra was some straight bullshit. And that speech from Tyra at the end about her being allowed to stay and the 5 frames is so far beyond stupid. I can't even deal. That goodness she got to stay.

    I was so happy seeing Romeo come out of his shell and joking around with everyone then he went and head gutted Adam and I didn't get it. Why does he need to be so dramatic. I thought he would go far because of his look.

    Can we just talk about Kari and Mariana's kiss. Two straight girls kiss and no one vats and eyelash, everyone gets a boner. Will and Matt kiss and everyone were so quick to jump on Matt and try to make his admit to being gay or bi? But it's totally fine for two girls to kiss and not have their sexual orientation questioned? Okay then. And the way Denzel acted at the photo shoot watch Will and Matt was ridiculous. I hope he get paired up with a guy at a photo shoot soon. He seems so disgusted by guy men. Not coo.

    Love your review as always <3

  6. I agree with you 100% with your review on the show!! I agree that not everyone need to be sexy to be a good model, its just a category and Lenox can be soo good at another category..Im actually quite happy that Romeo was disqualified because he was becoming a bit arogant and full of himself, which is something that he was complaining to other people about..Because Romeo was disqualified Lenox got a second chance so im happy about that. 

  7. Great review! Can't wait for the Scandal reviews! Love your thoughts & opinions. Very similar to mine. I was disgusted when Romeo hurt Adam and they showed that he had a bruise. And to make it 100% worst. He said he was so drunk & can't remember anything then minutes later is still judging Adam after Adam didn't say or do anything to him & got HURT! like he sent a bad message for anyone who never heard of a real witch..

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