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In a runway showdown like no other, the final two models battle it out to earn the prestigious title. The finalists are joined by their mothers as they learn who is crowned America’s Next Top Model. After 22 cycles of ANTM Tyra Banks recently announced that Cycle 22 would be the very last cycle. America’s Next Top Model offered girls from around the country—from small towns in Arkansas to big city L.A.—a chance to break into an industry that is notoriously hard to crack. Along with a handful of handpicked experts and fellow judges, Tyrs Banks gave the prospective models makeovers (often involving extreme haircuts), taught the girls to walk and pose, and set up competitive photo shoots and runway shows with some of the top industry professionals. So which boy or girl will win the final EVER America’s Next Top Model cycle? Will it be Nyle, Lacey, Mame or Mikey?

ChristineDoesDrama recaps the very last episode of America’s Next Top Model as she looks back at the last every episode of ANTM!

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  1. The shade! Mame just looked really bad saying that about her mom. Mame seems a bit entitled to me and I have all the respect in the world for her mom because she did what was best for Mame. Mame lost me there and not to mention the way she did Justin was dirty. If you notice, her pageantry really kicks in when she tries to just act like everything is all good, like what she said to her mom, or how she treated Justin, I don't like that. I think she hung out with Hadassah to long.
    I think Lacey's photos killed Mame's and Lacey's body of work was stronger anyway. I think this whole presentation thing was pretty lame. It was just about what the judges wanted to hear as opposed to them actually doing anything.
    Mikey's presentation was good, I liked it, I just hate the fact that he keeps saying he was supposed to go to jail and what not, like dude! don't say shit like that, you're all good!
    Nyle's presentation was very Nyle. He's a math major and he's very direct so I could see how the visuals were not so important to him. Mikey's presentation was better.
    However, Nyle's Zappos shots were absolutely flawless! I agree that the hair down for Mikey was not a good idea and the photo where he was sitting was just bad.
    I really think it should've been Lacey against Nyle! Mame is stunning in person but she has no wow factor in photos and Lacey does and that's really what modeling is about. Mame is better on the runway but I think Lacey could get there with some practice.
    Mikey was better than Mame it sucks he had to go head to head with Nyle.
    I think Nyle went up against his weakest competition. Mikey or Lacey were better matched against Nyle.
    Well Nyle wins so yay! All ends well. So sad ANTM is over. Great Recaps Christine!

  2. guys Ken mok and antm team might reboot it on a different station a cable channel for cycle 23 tyra mite nt b da host but she will still b da executive producer though

  3. I certainly had an Amazing journey with ANTM Christine. I've watched the show since it started and I was only 14 and now I am 29,haha. 15 years I have laughed/cried/rolled my eyes with the show. I honestly have to say that besides Naima Mora………NYLE is my Favorite Winner ever. The reason I loved NYLE from the beginning is because not only is he friggin hot, but I can relate to him a certain way because I have a hearing disability and know how harder it is to fit in and overcome obstacles in life. I literally cried my eyes out when his photo showed up. They made it seem like Mame was going to win. Love you and can't wait what you're going to do next.

  4. I sort of had a feeling that Nyle would win since he said that if he won he would release an app with the money he wins which he did motherless I'm still so happy he won he was my favorite since the beginning

  5. Love all you ANTM reviewss!!! ♥ Every time I see a review video pop up, it's an indicator that an episode came out lol.. I have to watch the episode before I watch ur review because youre so indepth with these reviews (Spoiler alert! lol) I'm glad Nyle won. He deserved it hands down. He worked so hard being unable to hear. He has definitely brought more awareness to the deaf community and Im glad he has his mind to giving back. All his hard work definitely paid off! ♥ I wish him all the best! I know this wont be the last that we see the other three model. Based on their high performance this season, I can definitely see agencies booking and/or hiring them.

  6. Though what makes me sad about Mame and Lacey, is knowing the standards of high fashion, and realizing both of them would need to loose a lot of weight to make it in high fashion. The body measurement standards are getting more and more ridiculous, its sad… But they can do commercial modelling @ least

  7. I wasn't surprised Mame made it over Lacey, because regardless of body of work, you can't argue w/ Mame's just… natural beauty….. Mame is the one who really has the look, height, proportions. Shes just more of a "model". I know she broke down when she didn't win, but shes been signed by Next as well so its all good 🙂


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