I totally forgot to mention that there’s an accompanying blog post to this video that goes slightly more in-depth into my thoughts on the seasons (and is probably worded just a bit better), so you can check that out here:

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  1. Best photoshoots/judging: seasons 7, 11, 16 (Love that bee challenge)
    Best cast: 9, 12, 22 (The seasons with the most talent imho and the most misfits)
    Worst photoshoots/judging: seasons 2, 17 (Sorry, I found season 2 challenges to be a little bland)

    Worst cast: 19 (forgettable overall, desperately lacking in personality)

  2. Cycle 7 is really what a definition of diversity. I remember every single person in that cycle and the only cycle that the fight seems set up, the bothersome is just that Monique. Other cycle just full of bitches

  3. Lol this is a horrible list (for me at least). I guess we really just have a huge difference on our opinions 🙂

  4. I don’t agree with all of this but this is a great video. Cycle 7 is definitely the best and 6 and 3 are close behind for me 🙂

  5. Is cycle synonymous to the term ‘season’ as well? (Sorry for the dumb question, I just recently started watching antm)

  6. I personally looooved cycle 20. It was one of the best I guess, but it's your opinion, I ain't judging, just sayin
    And I would have put the season 19 literally in the very bottom and even lower 😀

  7. My favorite cycles are 3, 4, 7, 13, and 16 the other cycles were ok too but those I like I have to say though is that cycle 16 is my all time favorite just because of the high fashion shoots and I like the winner Brittani

  8. My favorite cycles would have to be: 10, 16, 4 and 8. I love a lot of other ones too but those 4 are the ones I rewatch the most. And I'll never stop being bitter about Anya losing.

  9. I don't get why everyone hated cycle 18. It had the best models, fun shoots and a cool theme… For me the worst was cycle 22, which I still can t believe is a part of ANTM.

  10. Cycle 2 is easily top 3 of the entire series….. You tripping

    Screw your list.

    22. Cycle 21
    21. Cycle 17
    20. Cycle 20
    19. Cycle 22
    18. Cycle 19
    17. Cycle 11
    16. Cycle 8
    15. Cycle 14
    14. Cycle 16
    13. Cycle 9
    12. Cycle 15
    11. Cycle 4
    10. Cycle 7
    9. Cycle 12
    8. Cycle 13
    7. Cycle 3
    6. Cycle 5
    5. Cycle 6
    4. Cycle 10
    3. Cycle 1
    2. Cycle 18
    1. Cycle 2

    Cycle 2 is the only season where ANY of the top 6 could have won…. Cycle 18 was the most realistic season and got the girls prepared for the modeling world Fr and cycle 1 is straight iconic ! You weird.

  11. 22. cycle 20 – worst thing ever. couldn't re-watch even once
    21. cycle 22 – Nyle is the only good thing, everythig else is trash

    20. cycle 16 – B O R I N G
    19. cycle 21 – i like Chantelle, but not much else
    18. cycle 1 – i don't like most of the photoshoots and i agree that many things were not figured out yet
    17. cycle 14 – too much screaming and depressing winner
    16. cycle 12 – i didn't like most of the cast, not even that much of a fan of Allison tbh :S
    15. cycle 2 – i like the clashing between Camille and Tasha Smith, i like Yoanna as winner, but not much else
    14. cycle 15 – good concept, but painfully predictable and boring
    13. cycle 8 – i absolutely love Natasha, but the people who drag this cycle down for me are Renee, Dionne and Jaslene
    12. cycle 17 – mixed feelings, i hate where it started, but i love where it ended, Greece was a beautiful location
    11. cycle 13 – good photoshoots, Hawaii was great, but the girls are a bit unmemorable for me
    10. cycle 6 – can't pinpoint it, but something is missing this cycle for me (maybe it felt a bit unoriginal and like a copy of previous cycles). i just can't love it, but the photoshoots and models were great!
    9. cycle 10 – was amazing, but i hated Tyra in this cycle, she was kind of evil
    8. cycle 9 – the whole cycle seemed like a setup for Saleisha's win, but other than that i love it
    7. cycle 7 – great cycle, very iconic! i love the new prizes, i love the twins, MELROSE<3, Eugena, Jaeda, all of them!
    6. cycle 4 – one of the original cycles, gotta love it!
    5. cycle 3 – great cast, great drama, great abroad location, iconic!
    4. cycle 18 – basically the only reason this cycle is so high up is Kyle, she is super unpopular amongst fans and the rest of the cast that cycle, but i LOVED her. wish she had gone further. i loved her look, her big eyes and her sweet personality. i disliked Alisha, Sophie and Laura with passion, especially for all the sh*t they said about Kyle
    3. cycle 5 – this cycle has everything, and i love London!
    2. cycle 11 – this cycle has Elina, the most gorgeous, special, amazing, cool girl on ANTM ever! special mentions to Marjorie, Analeigh, Isis and Lauren Brie! and i love Amsterdam, one of the best abroad locations on ANTM! (i disliked Samantha and McKey though, they shouldn't have been top 2)
    1. cycle 19 – super unpopular, i know. but i LOVED IT! i love the photoshoots, the exciting new system, everything just works for me! and i love how the house is split into 2 groups: the cool mean girls (Laura, Kristin, Allyssa, Brittany) and the quirky good girls (Leila, Kiara, Nastasia, Victoria). my all-time favorite is Leila. her entire story through the cycle is amazing, her fake friendship with backstabbing Laura, her unfair elimination and her comeback! the only thing i hate about this cycle is the obvious – the winner. it should not have been Laura. but other than that i can't stop re-watching this cycle. it is exciting every time!

  12. The first cycle i saw was cycle 3, and then i really live cycle 17(Allyson must have won!), she es one my favorite models.
    And i really really love cycle 7. I think the twins are super strong models And if they had proposed it and forgotten their insecurities, probably they would have benn on top 2

  13. Best Cycles are:
    4, 6, 7, 11, 13, 15, 16
    OK Cycles:
    2, 3, 5, 8, 9, 10, 14, 17, 19, 20, 22
    Worst Cycles:
    1, 12, 18, 21, 23, 24
    My Favorite Cycles
    16, 11, 7, 6

  14. My list (Haven't watched most seasons yet)

    12 (Allison rocked but the rest of the comp was boring. Sad cause it was my first cycle)
    23 (Nyle was an obvious winner, most didn't have a personality, the villains were boring but the models were strong)
    6 (Sorry, I think I didn't like c6 as much because I've already watched the Jade memorable moments. The winner was amazing)
    20 (The girls were the problem that cycle cause most of them other than Nina had little to no personality and the guys saved it for me. Marvin for example was awful but not boring and Cory was great)
    17 (Cool concepts, amazing competitors, bad choices at judging. A lot of contestants were robbed like Allison (Obv) Alexandria and Isis)
    3 (Love how petty the girls were, loved the drama, liked the photos, and Eva, Toccara and Noelle are some of my fave contestants)

  15. Winners are not that obvious always, for me from the beginning of cycle 24 Krystiana was the obvious winner and in cycle 3 Yaya and Anya in cycle 10




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