Today, we are doing a fundamental stock market investment analysis for Prudential, ticker symbol PRU. In this video, we will analyze the stock’s fundamentals and projections, you will learn how to analyze these companies yourself, and we will look at the bigger picture for this company. In other words, we are doing an analysis of whether Prudential is a good company to buy. My goal is to help you better understand how to decide whether to invest in companies on your own. Make sure you watch to the end because we are also going to discuss risks associated with Prudential and its industry. Please take a moment to subscribe and like this video to make sure you don’t miss future investing videos.

This video gives an overview of Prudential’s business model and where it is doing business, where it may be headed in the future, and potential risks and concerns associated with the company and investing in it. We will also look at the valuation for Prudential including examination of price to earnings ratio (PE ratio), price to earnings to growth ratio (PEG ratio), price to sales ratio (PS ratio), price to book ratio (PB ratio), and price to free cash flow ratio (PFCF ratio). Of these, I prioritize the price to book ratio (because of the nature of the insurance industry) and price to free cash flow ratio (because of my focus on dividend growth).

We next will look at growth of revenue, earnings, and free cash flow. Particular focus is given to growing the free cash flow and book value for the reasons notes above. We will examine the dividend, it’s growth history, it’s coverage, and relative safety. We also look at projections for growth of the dividend and earnings for the future. Next, we look at margins and returns. In particular, I like to look at return on equity for this type of company.

Another important consideration is debt and interest coverage. Both are considered, both in terms of current ratios as well as history and future projections related to debt and its payment.

As a summary, I believe Prudential is undervalued, has good growth prospects, has a good dividend growth record, and will continue to return a great deal of money to shareholders, particularly those who buy when the price is low like it is now.

What do you think about Prudential? Is it a buy? Is it too risky? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. I look forward to hearing from you and learning together as a community. I hope you enjoyed this Prudential stock analysis and benefited. As always, good luck with your investing.

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  1. Very well put together video! I was able to buy PRU when they were down about 50% , looking forward to adding more as I think the business will last even if dividend gets cut.

  2. I haven't done much research on insurance companies but assume they hold their own very well. 👍

  3. Very good analysis!! I agree 100% Can you do the same analysis for Metlife and Manulife? I believe they are as good as Prudential. Metlife just raised their dividend 4.5% four days ago so they must be confident in their future prospects.

  4. Thank you for sharing! I enjoy your videos and I like you content! Keep it up! Stay positive and healthy!

  5. Nice overview. I appreciate when people go deeper than just PE and stock price 😉 I like the editing animation of the hand during transitions.

  6. Hey I think Im subscriber #300! Congrats! I love how detailed yet simple this video is man. I have always been a fan of companies that have a super low dividend payout ratio. I feel like a lot of people make the mistake of chasing the yield rather than looking at the payout ratio. Look forward to more of your content man!

  7. Hello I’m new to your channel and I will be checking out more of your investment financial videos so glad to have found you here on YT hope you are staying safe and I am supporting your channel. Take Care my friend. I hit the thumbs up.

  8. Reducing debt is always a nice thing. Does reduce the risk like you were saying

  9. I'm in investing club at Brown University so it was super fun to see how you analyzed this stock! Great Video!

  10. Wow, a really great thorough analysis! Insurance companies make so much money generally, it's crazy! I really want to know how you make your animations haha!


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