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  1. I like how its so easy for him to die and just get a clip from a different game… He did it at least once

  2. Nice play man. I never had a 15x. It seems fun but hard to play with. Maybe i should hunt those crates more. It pays of right. High risk high…

  3. The low recoil of the mini with a 8x scope is beyond monstrous.
    15x scope is a but too much for my PC to handle the rendering, besides I don't like using it anyway.

  4. Hey Paully, can you ask your friend if the name Lirael means anything to him? Or ask him about the nine bells and free magic.

  5. I like how the majority of the time it takes to use painkillers is spent opening the child-proof cap.

    Those things can be a pain, even in videogames.


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