Rolling and surviving like a BOSS – Exekutive as Rammus

League of Legends Season One Cinematic Trailer [HD]
Developer: Riot Games
Release: 10/27/2009
Genre: MMO
Platform: PC
Publisher: Riot Games
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Stun-The champion has an ability that can prevent the enemy from taking any action
Haste-Champion has an ability that can boost his or a teamate’s movement or attack speed.
Farmer-Champion excells at quickly killing minions for gold.Melee-Champion must be near the enemy to attack normally.Pusher-Champion can take down towers quicker than others,usually through a haste ability
Carry-This champion type normally has a mediocre early game. If given time to farm items and get kills, however, the champion will be extrmely powerful late game. A snowballing champion.
Healer-Champion has an ability that can heal himself or an allyNuker-Champion has an ability that deals quick, heavy damage.Tough-Champion has a bit more durability than others(?)
Slow-Champion has an ability that reduces enemy movement speed
Recommended-Champion is relatively easy to use
Ranged-Champion’s auto-attack strikes from a distance
Disable-Champion is able to distrupt enemies well(?)
Flee-Champion has good escaping abilities(?)
Teleport-Champion has an ability that transports them to anywhere on the map
Stealth-Champion can become invisible
Snare-Champion can prevent enemy movement(enemies can still attack)
Silencer-Champion can prevent enemies from using spells
Scout-Champion has traits that allow him to find enemies without being seen(?)Caster Anivia Annie Fiddlesticks Karthus Kassadin (very good at chasing)
Ryze (Assassin-y, very high burst damage)
Veigar (Assassin-y, very high burst damage) Caster-Support Heimerdinger Janna Morgana Zilean Caster-Tank Amumu (excellent initiator) Blitzcrank
Cho’Gath (build depending, can also be straight tank)
Gragas (generally considered inferior to dps-tank Gragas) Singed DPS Ashe Gangplank jax Master Yi Pantheon Shaco (good jungler/ganker/assassin)
Sivir (Best pusher, also good team support)
Teemo (can be built as a caster with very good map control) Tristana Tryndamere Twitch (assassin) udyr (excellent jungler/ganker)
Warwick (probably the best jugnler/ganker) DPS-Caster Alkali (assassin) Corki Ezreal Katarina Kennen Teemo (build depending) Twisted Fate DPS-Caster-Support Ezreal Nidalee DPS-Caster-Tank Mordekaiser Sion DPS-Tank Dr. Mundo Gragas Malphite (Excellent initiator, dps part is dependent on item build) Nasus Poppy Support
Soraka Tanks Cho’Gath Rammus (good initiator) Shen (Almost listed as tank-support because of his awesome very support like ultimate) Tank-Support
Alistar (Amazing pusher) Nunu Taric
Tank-Support-Caster-DPS WTF is League of Legends?
Kayle (not that hard to learn actually, just lots of ways to build her.) Play League of Legends FREE at:
Sneak Peek Champion Spotlight featuring Miss Fortune, the Bounty Hunter with expert strategy and tactics provided by Riot Games League of Legends – Maokai Champion Spotlight League of Legends – Renekton Champion Spotlight League of Legends – Jarvan IV Champion Spotlight League of Legends – swain Champion Spotlight League of Legends – Noctrune Champion Spotlight
League of Legends – Champion Spotlight
League of Legends: Zoning Tutorial
There are plenty of champion guides detailing skill and item builds. I wanted to make something that explains the basic mechanics of the game in a very technical point of view. You can visit for more League of Legends guides and videos.*Official* League of Legends Teaser Trailer The *Official* League of Legends Teaser Trailer. Enjoy!


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