Aeroponics grows fruits and vegetables faster, cheaper and better. RELATED: Making superfood chocolate from raw cacao:

Vertical farming with Tower Gardens is on the ‘rise’ and rightfully so. You can grow a variety of plants without ANY soil and 90% LESS water. It also requires 10x less space so you can do a lot more in a smaller area. That means easily growing fresh herbs, fruits, vegetables, and flowers both indoors and out. And because everything is grown and picked fresh, the flavor is unbelievable!

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  2. Big fan of vertical growing but what is his water source how much electric does he use and most important what is his minrul source

  3. So great that there is a movement towards this kind of agriculture, and that mainstream media channels are sharing it. Industrial agriculture is destroying the planet – we need to change or relationship with how we source food, and what we eat. Looking forward to building a small scale system to serve our business.

  4. The way he keep saying organic always made a question popping up into my head. The nutrient solutions that is being used can't be organic. Besides it requires a researched nutrient organic solution made from organic substrates. The chemicals nutrient can be bought easily in the market which surely doesn't make it an organic. Better call it soil less vertical hydroponics farming.

  5. I can't even watch a video like this without thinking about how to maximize the profit potential, but seriously, imagine a typical farm completely covered in greenhouses like this. IMAGINE the profit

  6. She: OMG basil has roots O.o
    He: (Is this is the price to pay to advertise these hugely overpriced pieces of plastic?)

  7. People cannot eat just lettuce that is all I see people selling these things grow. I want them to be able to sell other veggies as well

  8. 'lol, many people know this from 'other' plants, where minerals and other nutrition of the plants are not recommended because of the taste of the product while smoked in the end. In case of vegetables, OMG, its just empty things grown with mineral nutrition. Taste something from a good field and compare, than not so much than a clinical farming method stays, and the products are 'green water'….

  9. I actually like the interviewer. I just started learning to garden, and plant. It is such a learning curve, so I can’t blame her for not being super knowledgeable


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