NEW HAIR PRODUCT RELEASE l A Pre-Styler Reimagined For 2020

0:00-2:05 Intro(s)
2:05-4:10 Product Backstory
4:10-6:58 Product Introduction/Explanation
6:58-11:25 Ingredients/How Its Made
11:25-13:03 Fragrance
13:03-15:26 Hair Types/Pre-Styling
15:26-17:38 Demo 1-Curly Hair
17:38-21:55 Demo 2-Thin/Fine Hair
21:55-24:37 Limited or Permanent Offering?
24:37-25:41 Comparison (Blackwater)
25:41-28:54 Packaging
28:54-29:47 Fulfillment Questions
29:47-30:32 Label Design
30:32-31:26 Contest
31:26-34:45 Final Thoughts/Release Date/Outro

Today Flagship and I release to you what we have been working on the past couple months! This is sure to be an awesome release and we cant wait to get it into your hands (and your hair!).

Cornerstone will release at 7pm CST at the Flagship shop and my Dauntless Grooming shop online.

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23 thoughts on “NEW HAIR PRODUCT RELEASE l A Pre-Styler Reimagined For 2020

  1. Hey guys! Thanks for checking out this new video! This was one of my first real attempts at creating content like this! I already see things I want to do different next time but thanks for the support and for checking it out and I can’t wait for you to try cornerstone! It’s one weirdo product but I think you guys will love it!

  2. Eatin, lovin, and enjoying a hair products video from Mesa Arizona. Nice job. This sounds like something my curly head can use for sure.

  3. Really intrigued by this product. Super interesting direction to go with the whole "thicken a prestyler spray" thing. Can't wait to see how it performs!

    Watching this from LA!

  4. Very unique product. Wouldn't mind trying to see what it does to this kinky hair lol! From San Antonio

  5. I really like the podcast style! You guys did very well explaining all aspects of the new product. Watching from Pennsylvania!

  6. Definitely looks like a unique product, that’s got to make it worth trying. Always enjoy the videos. LA

  7. I'm watching from VietNam. Definately looking forward to the product because it is so versatile and can use with wax, clay and even with pomade as I am trying to use pomade for the first time.

  8. Interesting product , and I really like this podcast idea , you should do it more often .. watching form saudi arabia

  9. Love that you’re always straight up about your products man. You never hype your own stuff, you never shove it down peoples’ throat, and you never promise something that won’t happen (if anything almost the opposite by downplaying). I really think it’s cool that you straight up said this is not for texture, the post styler you use should do that.
    Loving your grooming oil, loving the wax cream, and matte paste is on its way. Keep up the great work in both the products and the content 👊🏼

  10. Love the channel! Super stoked for your new collab! Watched the entire video in my bed after a long day of work in Arizona 🤓

  11. Watching from Boston again. I haven't actually used any prestylers like this before so it'd be something to try and consider!

  12. This was an awesome video! Honestly, it's refreshing to hear you guys talk about all that went in and answer some potential questions beforehand. Wouldn't mind more of these, helps pass the time too! Took me a bit to watch through all of the video but enjoyed it nonetheless

  13. Very cool listening to you guys discuss ingredients. I’m starting to research into DHT blockers myself in shampoos and conditioners just to see its efficacy for purchase. Watching from Baltimore.

  14. Ooh I saw the handshake! Hopefully this was shot weeks ago 😀 I was the first 'like'r of this video. Could have been the first commenter too, if didn't get distracted. Anyway, I'm watching from Madison, WI (hence MadCity). Congrats on the collab. This looks awesome!

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