Let’s go back to the beginning, as I share my complete fashion history, from middle school to now! Punks and hot girls, unite!
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hey everyone. Similarly to my hair timeline video ( I wanted to share my collection of photos I’ve taken over the years to show my fashion and style evolution, I guess you could say! In this process, I’ve also found a greater understanding in why I make the choices I do, and noticed patterns in my dress and emotional welfare that actually gave me a greater understanding of myself. So wow lol. I hope you enjoy taking this journey with me and maybe challenge yourself to do the same!

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  1. I loved this. Having gone through my own emo, punk, scene, hip and now slouchy-anime phases, I totally vibe with everything you felt looking back. I wish I could remember my photobucket account to delve into my own fashion past. Man do I miss my Kurt Cobain hemp necklace, that thing was disgusting.

  2. This video was everything and even so nostalgic for me as I feel like you were almost telling some of my story. We have a lot of similarities which is pretty wild. I just dressed in whatever I could as a young teen as we didn't have money. At some point I too switched it up on myself and started wearing American Eagle and Hollister. When you said that I was like whaaaaat?! We had this same phase. Then I came back to being emo and scene. Then in late teens/early twenties was obsessed with American Apparel too. Anyway, this was really cool to watch as I related to a lot of it. But not only that, it is amazing to watch such a personal video like this. Thank you so much for sharing<3

  3. Looking at little baby punk Qcknd made my heart soar!!! I love this video concept and hearing all your thoughts. I was also a baby emo kid/also super into 80s style and wish I had this much documentation of my style.

  4. I’ve been watching you grow for so long and I’ve seen you go through so many phases in your life. Ever since that “666 tattoo” video. You have really changed me in that time as well so thank you for this

  5. I`m watching this for the third time, it soo strange how it resonate with me. Thank you! As always I love your content but this was great on so many levels.

  6. dude this video really made me realize just how long I've been watching your channel (been here since green bob hair, if my memory serves me right). Your style has had a huge influence on mine as well, and I just wanted to say how grateful I am for your online presence. Watching your videos has become a habit for me when I'm feeling down, or need inspiration. Thank you quack <3

  7. its impressive in its way how bold you were as a teen and doing so much experimentations with your style

  8. I’m usually a silent viewer but this is one of my favourite videos you’ve ever made 💞 you are such an inspiration to me and I loved getting this look back at your life through fashion. Yes to the tattoo timeline!!

  9. You have always been a huge inspiration for me, and this video was AMAZING 🖤 When you called your more recent style "adventure ready" i realized that is the best way to describe my current style. As a former scene kid i'm so happy to find a descriptive name for my style!

  10. "to also kind of publicly grieve in a way that was still private" hit me like a tonne of bricks.
    i lost my best friend in 2017 and still wear one of their t-shirts and jacket to this day and thats exactly what it is.
    i almost do it because sometimes i might go to a show that they would have liked or was planning on going out for a fun excursion and wanted them to be there subconsciously.

  11. I want videos on ALL the things suggested like amazing! Yes modelling, yes please tell us about MacDonalds!

  12. This made me desperately want to get into my old iPod touch but I forgot the passcode 😭 so many emo/scene selfies fr i had that huge teased scene hair and the hot topic tiny t shirts and 2 day old eyeliner

  13. Well now I'M emotional, too. You are such a magnificent creator. I don't know what I expected, but it wasn't a style video revealing the heart of someone's humanity with humor and thoughtfulness. You're rad.

  14. Watching this made me realize you’ve been my fashion inspiration for years now, thank u for being so cool so I can pretend to be cool 💖🥺

  15. This video makes me so nostalgic for being a young dirty punk. I used to wear plaid on plaid and all sorts of weird things from Goodwill. I miss these days. I never cared if i looked beautiful, I just tried whatever I felt like. I’m an adult goth now and in lots of ways my style hasn’t changed. I’m just more refined and more practical now.

  16. I got emotional when you were talking about 2017 qck and how you weren’t focusing on putting effort into being “pretty”. I remember watching you years and years ago and watching you evolve into 2017 qck and thinking about how cool you were and how badly I wanted to be like you and look like you because you were peak beauty to me. And I just think that’s sick as fuck.


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