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On Monday night’s episode of America’s Next Top Model, Matthew got over Marjana by getting closer to Will. Will, who witnesses the way Marjana flirts with and manipulates the guys, clearly feels bad for Matt, and thinks he can do better. Could that “better” possibly be him? Obviously, this foreshadows the drunken kiss these two guys have later on in the episode when everyone decides to get wasted on Tyra’s dime. It’s awesome that a Will found somebody. Besides Romeo, I think Will might be my favorite Top Model contestant because he’s so sweet, and b Matt shamelessly admits he finds Will attractive, and finds nothing unnatural about this. However, does ANTM properly encourage a conversation about LGBTQ issues like coming out and sexual fluidity?
Matthew and Will’s Relationship

Matt and Will’s relationship kind of blossomed a bit randomly, but so did everyone else’s. Suddenly, Marjana is all over Denzel, Kari and Keith are an item, and who knows who will actually think Adam’s frat boy charm is actually appealing surprisingly, no one yet.

I think it’s really touching how Will has become so defensive about Matt, who clearly has been hurting from Marjana’s callous views on relationships but seriously, isn’t her boyfriend watching this?. Will, who has been standing idly and watching other contestants hook up, finally gets a friend. I don’t know if it’s anything serious, but the two seem to really have some chemistry.

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