M24 + x15 Scope – Shroud win first solo game 2018 – PUBG HIGHLIGHTS TOP 1 #35

Shroud first win PUBG solo game FPP NA Server in 2018 with m24 + x15 scope – playerunknown’s battlegrounds highlights

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32 thoughts on “M24 + x15 Scope – Shroud win first solo game 2018 – PUBG HIGHLIGHTS TOP 1 #35

  1. You're a coward, you're not a fighter going forward, you're hitting from behind or running away, mithrain.

  2. What if pubg made lootdelivery guy an npc just roaming the map with good stuff but is hard to encounter? Would that make the game less or more fun?

  3. Your noob at shooting from up close but your pro if it comes to like impossible shots 👍if agree👎if disagree

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