Longplay of Hulk, played on PAL GameCube. This game’s version was released on Jun. 13th, 2003. Please give the video a like! Timecodes are below:

0:01:13 – Intro
0:02:37 – Inner Torment (Intro)
0:04:30 – Inner Torment
0:06:50 – Inner Torment (Outro)
0:08:32 – Desperate Measures (Intro)
0:10:25 – Desperate Measures
0:13:28 – Desperate Measures (Outro)
0:15:40 – Betrayal
0:18:22 – Beneath the City
0:28:08 – End of the Line
0:29:45 – A Different Breed (Boss: Half-Life)
0:34:40 – Infiltration
0:44:10 – Facilities
0:53:20 – Substructure
0:58:30 – Savior (Boss: Madman)
1:03:08 – Chemical Effect (Intro)
1:04:55 – Chemical Effect
1:16:25 – Spearpoint
1:32:22 – Containment Failure
1:34:28 – Guardian (Boss: Flux)
1:42:15 – Unfinished Business
1:55:15 – Without Ethics
2:03:24 – Resolve
2:09:30 – One and All (Boss: Ravage)
2:16:45 – Reckoning
2:18:15 – Reckoning (Boss: Madman and Half-Life)
2:23:30 – Reckoning (Continued)
2:28:05 – Mind Games (Boss: The Leader)
2:34:45 – Deliverance
2:35:47 – Deliverance (Boss: Madman)
2:37:12 – Ending
2:37:46 – Credits
2:45:24 – Bonus: Endurance Mode 1
2:47:00 – Bonus: Endurance Mode 2
2:49:23 – Bonus: Time Attack Mode 1
2:50:23 – Bonus: Time Attack Mode 2
2:51:44 – Bonus: Hulk Smash Mode

Nguồn: https://appstore.com.vn/

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  1. My copy doesn’t work it keeps saying it’s dirty can someone send how to fix that issue

  2. Bruce was wearing a solder costume.he use the password to unlock the door and the solders just standing there like nothing happen LMAO.COOL!

  3. 16 years later and I still play this!

    Just throw in here the open world and full extent of Hulk’s powers (plus maybe some Devil Hulk craziness on the side) from Ultimate Destruction, and we’ll get the perfect Hulk game ever!

  4. Please give the full game link. There are so many compressed file on google. I want to get full game link. I want it madly plzzzzz 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  5. I have this game today I’ve passed it many times I love it but I never played in hard mode am gonna do live video today on Facebook but it’ll be on hard mode version I sometimes play easy mode or medium but this time let’s see how hard the game will be in hard mode I know my comment is late but I’m huge fan of the hulk n I love this game I have both I never passed the other hulk game I’m gonna play the other game offscreen I also do videos y’all can check them out on my Facebook maybe I’ll do a gaming fb page idk I’ll think of it but anyways I love Bruce banner levels it was short but it was fun to play as him n difficult as well but I was able to pass every level without struggling let’s see how I’ll do in hard mode wish me luck fans love hulk go green lol y’all enjoy ur day 👍🏻✌🏻


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