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Live: NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Holds Coronavirus Briefing | NBC News


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  1. Mayor De Blasio; thank you for the strength of your convictions. Your moral compass seems unerring, and NYC will survive and thrive under your leadership. Even if the stimulus bill fails, people will invest in NYC. You will all be OK.

  2. "The Temple of Heaven is in your HEART. Right now. It's where you STAND. "

    My parents were deeply religious. They wanted to be around people who believed what they believed. Worshipped as they did. A sense of community.

    Congregation was very IMPORTANT to them. It's important to many people.

    If you want to help: Open your mind. Heart. Spirit. and PRAY into the universe nothing but GOOD will.

    We will feel it.

  3. Your city of N.Y. is purposely conducting a campaign of "BLACK GENOCIDE" & "ETHNIC CLEANSING." If you're a so-called Black person "FOOD GRADE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE" kills "COVID-19."

  4. Why not follow the Florida model? where’s the proof that it was dangerous for the beach’s, yea bring on the Storm Troopers.

  5. Mayor Deblassio I am looking perhaps too far forward. But please a Statue for Our Healthcare and Essential Workers.

  6. We have a hotel shelter in our neighborhood for the homeless, and now we have a whole bunch of homeless folks released from the shelter because they are cleared of the virus. They now hang out in our neighborhood, take dumps and drink and scream day and night care-free, the police doesn’t want to get involved, they don’t always answer calls and even they do, they don’t pick them up. And on top of that, the homeless folks love this new spot and refuse to leave. This really terrified all the young families in the neighborhood, mums and kids. The mayor on the other hand, thinks that it’s an excellent idea he had with the homeless folks. I live in downtown NYC.

  7. Robert Kennedy Jr and Del Bigtree. US Government lost mandatory vaccines battle because the industry they embraced HAS HAD NO SAFETY PROTOCOLS FOR RECIPIENTS FOR 32 YEARS.

  8. Who is in to vote for Donald trump Jr?
    Me hates the trumps but de assio is worse than all the trumps put together and nyc needs a real mayor in 2021

  9. I like mayor De Blasio, if the Governor had listened to him and shut the city maybe New York would not have lost all the brothers and sisters that are gone. May their soul rest in peace.


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