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Live: Michigan Gov. Whitmer Gives Coronavirus Update | NBC News


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  1. My father has stage 4 lung cancer and thanks to her “laws” I can’t take my daughter to see her grandfather.

  2. This “woman” belongs in an insane asylum. I’m a clinical microbiologist, “LISTEN TO THE SCIENTISTS!”

  3. She's using all the pity stories here to play on emotions. Just be a Governor. Don't take a page out of Hillary's play book it doesn't work. MAN UP!

  4. Find real news at X22 Report Political/Geopolitical on Youtube. He’ll even show you where he gets his information!

  5. I left my job in january. i couldn't physically do that job. then covid hit and i haven't been able to get a new job. unemployment will not help me cause i quit my previous job. I am so over this crap just let us go back to work. One good thing is i am loosing weight cause i have no money for food.

  6. When you have been disrespectful to citizens, you have lost their trust and confidence…you are no longer their leader. You might as well resign.

  7. May 16: 55 reported coronavirus deaths in Michigan. In about 10 days, that will be approximately zero. Since it takes about 3 weeks from infection to death, are you ready: THE EPIDEMIC IN MICHIGAN IS OVER NOW.
    (Death graph at:

  8. This woman will be lucky if the villagers don’t hang her from the closest tree when this is all over. Focusing on the death of one person who died from Covid is a sophomoric and futile attempt to justify her Draconian and most probably illegal attempt to imprison free Americans in their own homes while destroying tens of thousands of business and ruining hundreds of thousands of lives. Look at he statistics from Sweden and compare those to Michigan which have comparable populations. Michigan has 60% plus more cases and 39% plus more deaths than Sweden but Sweden chose not to impose martial law imprisoning their citizens and kept their schools open so people could go to their jobs. Their citizens have used common sense and prudence and have been treated like intelligent adults rather than morons incapable of thinking for themselves.

    How dare this governor believe that SHE had the power and authority to make these kind of decisions for citizens. How dare SHE have people arrested for simply going back to work to support their families which require defying her unconstitutional orders and edicts. This is a dark period in America and history will judge these kind of tyrants harshly, as it should.

  9. This is so cringe and yes it is mainly because she is a woman and her charisma and speech skills just arent what I like to see in leadership.

  10. Why do you white folks despise this woman? Are you that insecure of a WOMAN? Or is it that something else ( downstairs) is lacking?

  11. Down with tyrants, she is trying to scare you. Ignore her emotinal bs… the mean age of the deaths of covid is higher than the average life expectancy. If you are under 66 you have less than 1 % chance of dying… time for the redwave!

  12. Here is the facts on COVID19 that she is not telling you. Please listen. I don't know her heart. I see her actions. Tyrannical and illegal. As most of the states are doing. We are loosing our liberties. She and all of these blue states that refuse to open up and are prolonging this virus shut down are doing more damage telling folks to stay home out of either political reasons or ignorance but a refusal to find out the newest facts on COVID19. I live in NY. I'm stuck with Cuomo. He is just as bad. He contributed to thousands of nursing home deaths and is continuing till June 15 this shut down. I believe it will go on even more. Cuomo just two weeks ago told us the stats said that the newest COVId19 victims were 66% shut ins who never went out. Yet, he is extending the shutdown. That says it all!!!! Here are the facts. Please share them. We are not being told the truth. They are prolonging this virus. As far as politicians like Gov Witmer. She has been excessive and at times arrogant to the people of Michigan. She is there to serve the people, not dictate and subjugate them. She should be ashamed. She took an oath to uphold the constitution and the bill of rights of all. She has failed and therefore, should be fired. If these politicians are going to destroy folks livilihood, I believe they should be forced to give up their cushy jobs and pay and be put on unemployment allowance. They can work from home and half pay perhaps. But what she is doing is cruel and is not helping. Here are the newest facts. Please copy and past and share with your social media. Today is 5/17/20.

    Newest Proven Facts of COVID129
    Dr. Scot Atlas, Sr Fellow
    Hoover Institute

    1. Fatality rate is 1/10th or lower than originally estimated.

    2. New data the fatality rate is extremely low if you are under 60. New date from all over Europe on good studies. The reality is for people under 50 its less than the common flue

    3. We know who to protect. It's critical for older people with chronic diseases, Diabetis, heart failure, all immune compromised.

    4. Politicians have not put on the obvious restrictions on who to protect. Nursing homes. 80% fatalities are in nursing homes.
    (Florida has and is seeing a decrease.)

    5. Population Immunity – by isolating all humans from others, you have prevented population immunity. When we get affected by a virus we generate antibodies. When low risk groups are isolated from each other, they are not able to produce those antibodies. This is the theory of the yearly flu shot. This is a form of herd immunity except it's in an injection. (but not as accurate as a nutuiral

    6. The policy of lock down has impaired medical care in cases such as Cancer. Two thirds of people who have a Cancer test are not getting it. Half the people on Chemo are not going. Acute illnesses, folks are not going in. Two thirds of child hood immunizations are being skipped We are killing people by these policies.

    We need to strictly isolate nursing homes with required testing. We do priority testing in hospitals and mildly ill people to isolate. We open businesses and offices, etc, with the warnings on hygiene and procautions.

    The cure is worse than the original disease.

    Dr. Scot Atlas, Sr Fellow
    Hoover Institute

  13. Attention Governor Whitmere. I do not condone violence of any type, unless the act of war has led someone to defend their own family and home against the invading enemy. However there are so many honest and truthful comments in this posting that I can't really come up with anything else that hasn't already been said. Bravo Michigan, we are all in this fight for our freedom together, so be prepared! I find it a crying shame, that so many politicians do not care if they disgrace their honorable family names, by doing the obviously wrong or illegal things they do, that will reflect poorly against their families through out the rest of time. Jpol.

  14. I think Gretchen is trying to win a contest between Democrat Governors to see who can create the highest unemployment in their state.


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