Dr. Anthony Fauci, CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield and other top health officials testify remotely for a Senate hearing on the coronavirus response and efforts to reopen the economy.
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Live: Fauci, Top Health Officials Testify At Senate Coronavirus Hearing | NBC News

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  1. Madagascar in africa has a VACCINE that works 100% I'll put my 100% trust in there VACCINE…all natural and zero deaths so far…No snake venom,,no goat balls , no bat poop in this VACCINE…all herbs that can only be found in africa……


  3. Lester & Casey (& any others that do it), i don't feel you have the right to talk over dr fauci! What if he said something critical while you took over? You should chat during meal breaks or after. You have no idea what he's saying while you're speaking!

  4. The proph.ecy in the bibl e always convinces me of it being Go.d's Word and it is reliable. 🙏🌏🙏🩸✝️🦁. All the things happening in the world now were predicted to happen and more will come to pass to, Ne.w Worl.d orde.r, plag.ues and disasters increasing, an anti ch.rist who promises hope will deceive many. Check it out for yourself. The next life is eternal. Choose life not the lies of the devil. You can't repent in the next life. Don't be eternally sorry. Check out Geor.gia guide.stones. https://youtu.be/HxylLehMyPs https://youtu.be/K7EwpBOPXjU https://youtu.be/43KCMlqhulQ

  5. 80,000 americans in 2018 died because of flu related illnesses(CDC report)….but the democrats and media were so busy looking for ways to impeach the president…

  6. Washington state – your Senator is a disgrace. She is OBVIOUSLY using this as a way to be partisan, and attack Trump, and Republicans. How about asking your questions without insults to the other side? Otherwise, you lose ALL credibility.

  7. Can't believe it takes Corona for our government to take action .. we need health care for all.. f.. trump he lies daily. It took forever for him to take action.. US remember we can great and powerful today but all great powers can fall. For soo long we been st war not doing enough for the American people

  8. They assume all the kids are afraid. Mine isn’t. I work everyday. I’m essential. Only way past fear is to just face it. Stop hyping “feelings”. If people stayed home because of fear no grocery store would be open. No trucker would be on the road. No hospital would be open. Stop saying we have to stop because of “fear”. Put on your big girlboy/undecided panties and get on with living.

  9. The biggest problem that is escaping everyone in this hearing is the fact that the United States has people who don't listen. Senator Cain can't conpare the US to S. Korea when S.Korea has a population that follows directions. Here, people protest and refuse to follow the guildlines. As long as people refuse to follow the guildlines, this virus will slowly become difficult to control. The state and federal government can only do so much if people refuse to listen and put others ar risk. That's the bottom line. It has nothing to do with Trump, but with people who refuse to care and do what is required to defeat this virus.

  10. All of donnie's cronies (AKA Inner circle), will have to put back the money they've stolen, …..so we have enough money to save the country!

  11. Lamar's a Republican saying we need millions more tests? Is he going to be rage tweeted? And Patty too? Is this a dream?
    Thank you, thank you, thank you
    for standing up to donnie! Strength .in numbers!

  12. they all screwed up its bogus america should've been closed down in january when the report came out , its all bull man we could have avoided this nightmare a long time ago .

  13. How about a White House unemployment update every day!!! With 33 MILLION UNEMPLOYED we should be talking about this DAILY and how to help ALL THESE PEOPLE!!! Many are NOT GETTING THEIR UNEMPLOYMENT and they will soon be homeless and hungry if they are not already… WE NEED AN ANSWER ABOUT THIS, WE NEED QUESTIONS AND EMERGENCY ACTION ON THIS NOW!!!

  14. What if you have a press conference and Trump couldn't show up,answer,everyone else can actually get a word in,and intelligent words,not just insults and self aggrandizing.

  15. John Doe. Don't forget the millions sent outside our country to help others.( Secretary speech). Charity begins at home

  16. Nice man. Very knowldgeable. I just can't watch him for long. His voice makes me want to clear my throat. Repeatedly.😲😣

  17. Dr. Judy Mikovits for the next CDC Director. ASAP
    All those who are connected with the current heads of the CDC must also be removed and replaced with competent and trustworthy people with good moral integrity.

  18. what wanna do BILLY -THE-KIT the fake-phylantropous? look here https://www.facebook.com/agnesinabeatrice.pozziii/videos/951620255271735/

  19. those kinds of RNA viruses changes rapidly; so, no vaccines are useful. I wonder how the selfdeclarate "science" betray itselfs just for business. There are studies that shows the extreme harmfulness of a new infection in vaccinated. In fact Lombardia (in Italy), we have had the most cases of death…and this region is on top for anti-flu vaccination campain in 2019 !

  20. Siamo tutti cittadini del mondo, siamo tutti uguali, ci fanno credere di essere diversi ma abbiamo tutti la stessa anima, ribelliamoci!!!

  21. Tests don’t help because they could change the very next day for individuals. Testing is for tracking purposes. They have enough information now from all the testing for a cure. Make one! Deep state jokers. CDC is not America’s friend either!


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