The race for a vaccine is on. 🧫🔬🏃‍♀️

Join world leading experts as we explore what a vaccine is 🧬, who is getting close 🏁 and why does it matter? ⚠️ ⛑

What if we don’t manage to develop one and just how much will it cost us if we fail?
Hint: the answer is in trillions. 🏦😱

Panellists 👥 🎓
🔷Professor Sharon Lewin
Director, The Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity

🔷 Professor Kanta Subbarao
Director, WHO Collaborating Centre for Reference and Research on Influenza,
The Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity

🔷Professor Damien Purcell
Head of Molecular Biology,
The Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity

🔷Professor Chris Edmond
International Economics expert, Faculty of Business & Economics
University of Melbourne

Panel moderated by 👤🎓
🔷 Professor Shitij Kapur
Dean, Faculty of Medicine Dentistry and Health Sciences
Assistant Vice-Chancellor (Health), University of Melbourne

Discussion breakdown🧐⤵️
1:21 – What is the likelihood of getting a COVID-19 vaccine?
1:39 – What have we learned from the SARS vaccine that helps us now?
2:13 – What’s the biggest challenge in developing a vaccine?
2:54 – What is the current Australian landscape regarding COVID-19 and the number of infections?
4:35 – If we keep infection numbers down in Australia do we even need a vaccine?
6:06 – What happened with the vaccine when SARS first infected humans?
7:29 – What’s the likelihood this epidemic will go away?
8:30 – What exactly is a vaccine?
8:46 – Can vaccinations make people sick or lead to health complications?
12:57 – What are the different stages in developing a vaccine?
15:30 – What are the best models for financing work around vaccines?
18:18 – How much should Australia pay for a vaccine?
20:24 – When a vaccine is ready – who’ll be the first to receive it?
22:59 – How did we decide who to distribute the Swine Flu vaccine to during the H1N1 pandemic?
27:56 – How many vaccines do we usually produce?
29:33 – Where is the University of QLD at with their vaccine development?
30:58 – What % protection does the influenza vaccine provide?
33:03 – How long does immunity last?
34:28 – What has been the economic impact of physical distancing in Australia?
35:55 – Has Australia fared better than the US in terms of job losses?
40:15 – What if it’s not possible to create a vaccine? What’s our Plan B?
42:29 – Will we see successful treatments developed before a vaccine?
44:05 – What has strengthened your faith in humanity?

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  1. Have u listened to Dr. R. Buttar?
    Bill Gates has his financial finger in all health and health research. .he donates billions worldwide to supporting health research..That gives him an advantage..and not as you would like to think as a philanthropist. It gives him a say.
    Watch carefully his previous interviews where he states the world is over populated and needs de-populating.

    He also promotes vaccination.on a mandatory scale..together with de-population.

    He is part of the elite whose aim is for the New World Order.One World Currency..plastic only money, RFID Chips for everyone.
    To make the vaccination mandatory should set off alarm bells…the control..that is about to happen.
    Wake up this is not about protecting people.

  2. Thanks for this calm discussion of the complexities of inventing vaccines, and the social and economic impacts implicit in this journey.

  3. My concern is what ingredients will be in the vaccines..and is this also included in Agenda 21..Depopulation on a Global Scale.

  4. The flu shot is killing them and the older people with respiratory disease. China is back to the smog in their lungs again now they have opened up.

  5. Thank you Unimelb for holding such events that gathered experts to explain some of the intellectual issues of the COVID-19.

  6. In as much we want to shy away from the reality of what this Pandemic has done to us as individuals, people and as a country… We also can't take away the fact that living a Life free from Debts is the best answer now and even after the pandemic ends.. Hopefully.

  7. Hi shitij kapur

    You are doing tremendous job by conducting very informative session with great and expert panel.
    Plz kindly arrange these kind of episodes every week .
    As a student its very helpful for me to get enough knowledge from panel with colossal expertise and knowledge.
    I hope you will continue these episodes after post covid19.
    Muzakir Habib Pakistan

  8. ​Is the government putting any plans in place to have a facility to make the vaccine/cure here when it becomes available instead of waiting until every other country has it?

  9. Very encouraging that Universities work together. The Media should do the same and bring more facts and not just to promote division and insecurity.


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