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0:00 – Intro
3:51 – Congress reauthorizes USA Freedom Act without warrantless web surveillance ban
5:35 – DOJ and state AGs likely to file antitrust lawsuit against Google
7:06 – Google Faces Privacy Complaint for Tracking Users in EU
9:41 – Democrats try to ban Internet shutoffs until pandemic is over
11:42 – President Trump Unveils Space Force Flag, Touts “Super-Duper Missile”
13:00 – First US Space Force recruitment video wants you to find your purpose off the planet
14:45 – California officials reject subsidies for Musk’s SpaceX over Tesla spat
17:04 – Trump Extends Order That Curbs Huawei’s Access to U.S. Market
17:44 – U.S. moves to cut Huawei off from global chip suppliers as China eyes retaliation
17:56 – China ready to target Apple, Qualcomm, Cisco and Boeing in retaliation against US’ Huawei ban
19:09 – Stop tracking me, Google: Austrian citizen files GDPR legal complaint over Android Advertising ID
20:22 – France to impose digital tax this year regardless of any new international levy
22:28 – France passes law forcing online platforms to delete hate-speech content within 24 hours
24:05 – Africa’s Internet Link Improves With $1 Billion Facebook Cable
25:44 – Court Fines YouTuber For Posting IPTV Piracy Tutorials
29:11 – US govt exposes new North Korean malware, phishing attacks
30:46 – Facebook to buy Giphy for $400 million
32:58 – Facebook will pay $52 million in settlement with moderators who developed PTSD on the job
35:11 – Facebook helps launch American Edge, a dark-money advocacy group for big tech
37:09 – Facebook Violence Curbs Thwarted by Groups Using Code Words
40:13 – Twitter Will Allow Employees To Work At Home Forever
42:40 – YouTube automatically deletes Chinese epithet

52:16 – Trump wants California to let automaker Tesla reopen assembly plant
53:06 – Elon Musk restarts Tesla factory in defiance of county orders
54:04 – Tesla factory worker: Elon Musk doesn’t have workers’ best interests at heart
54:59 – Tesla’s next factory is going to be in Austin, Texas and it’s going to happen quickly
57:38 – Uber Technologies Makes Takeover Approach to Grubhub
1:00:08 – Seventh Amazon worker dies of COVID-19 as the company refuses to say how many are sick
1:01:35 – Amazon warehouse workers get more coronavirus pay until June
1:03:35 – AMC’s stock is surging on reports Amazon may buy it
1:05:13 – Huawei’s Google app loophole: Just keep re-releasing old devices
1:06:44 – Apple buys virtual reality company NextVR
1:08:24 – NVIDIA’s 7nm Ampere A100 Beast Machine Learning GPU Launched With DGX A100 AI Supercomputer
1:10:01 – AirPods Studio to feature head and neck detection, custom equalizer settings, more
1:11:45 – TSMC Plans $12 Billion U.S. Chip Plant in Victory for Trump
1:12:48 – Video Games Hit Quarterly Sales Record Amid Virus-Driven Surge
1:14:12 – US e-commerce sales jump 49% in April, led by online grocery
1:15:53 – Disney forces explicit Club Penguin clones offline
1:19:32 – Jeff Bezos as world’s first trillionaire sparks heated debate
1:21:56 – Uber will require drivers, riders to wear face masks starting May 18
1:24:55 – SPACEX – ISS Docking Simulator
1:27:10 – Kickstarter loses nearly 40 percent of its workforce after layoffs and buyouts
1:29:24 – Unreal Engine 5 Demo Shows the Stunning Future of Video Game Graphics
1:31:03 – Sony Releases Faster Camera Sensors With Integrated AI
1:32:51 – Amazon builds UV-light robot to kill coronavirus on surfaces
1:34:46 – France is using AI to check whether people are wearing masks on public transport
1:37:30 – Dogs Obey Commands Given by Social Robots

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    1:46:50 – Denuvo says its new kernel-level anti-cheat driver is minimally invasive
    1:49:13 – Social Security numbers, banking information left unprotected on Arkansas PUA website
    2:02:25 – db8151dd – the mystery data breach of 22 million records
    2:03:47 – ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ Cheaters Are Getting Owned by 2FA
    2:05:20 – Chrome will start blocking resource-heavy ads in August
    2:06:34 – Windows 10 Previews DNS Over HTTPS
    2:07:25 – Ohio Has Stopped Kicking Workers Off Unemployment After A Hacker Targeted Its Website
    2:08:58 – PrintDemon vulnerability impacts all Windows versions
    2:09:59 – Huawei denies involvement in buggy Linux kernel patch proposal
    2:11:45 – Restaurants in Washington Need to Track Customer Info for Contact Tracing
    2:13:07 – U.S. Marshals Service Breach Exposed Personal Data of 387,000 Prisoners
    2:14:29 – There’s a new Thunderbolt bug, check if your computer is affected
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    2:20:21 – Age of Empires 2 is quietly having an incredible year
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    2:23:43 – Panicked over 'murder hornets,' people kill bees we need
    2:25:59 – Utah mother selling social distancing penis face masks raises $56K for non-profit, so far
    2:27:12 – New York tourist arrested after posting Hawaii beach photos
    2:28:57 – Ban “Non Inclusive” Voice Chat, Suggests Twitch Advisory Council Member
    2:32:03 – Coronavirus: Armed police called to 'knight' with sword
    2:34:15 – President queries Tanzania coronavirus kits after goat test
    2:35:31 – Criminal forum trading stolen data suffers ironic data breach
    2:36:55 – Japan politician gets snappy after busted watching alligator video during Diet meeting
    2:38:31 – St. Louis County Restaurant Faces Fierce Backlash Over Racist Piñata
    2:41:19 – Bank customers shocked to see a two metre snake using their ATM in India
    2:42:56 – New Orleans Local's Face Masks Let You Sip Cocktails In Safety

  2. Wendell acting drunk or high lashing soo loud at every single thing! Killing my ears with earbuds turn your mic down Wendell and it won’t be so much louder than the other 2 just communicating

  3. Aren't there already scripts that fill your browsing history with garbage…. between that and a proper VPN what use could that possibly be to any law enforcement agency… The kinds of criminals they'll catch with that is probably that same kind that brags about their crimes on social media

  4. xbox 360 owner here and our console is still going strong, woot!

    I originally got mine about 1.5 years after it first released, and of course mine RROD 2 times over the following 3 years and each time I got a refurb back. It was showing signs of getting close to another RROD and I managed to trade it in at a gamestop towards a brand new console. the faulty console would run about 20 ~ 30min before before it would just freeze up(no RROD, just freeze up). gamestop turned it on for about 5 min, long enough to boot it up and start a game off a disc. I traded it in for an Arcade model becuase it had an hdmi port, the older ones I had before didn't have hdmi. Fortunately, it was the last iteration of the white Arcade model before they went strictly to the all black models.

    These days when we do game on a game console, we use the xbonex except for kinect sports. turns out that Kinect Sports is great during 'stay-at-home', otherwise we domost of our gaming on pc.

  5. The UV zapping of surfaces is something that could help keep the cruise ship business from going under. Mount UV lights in all the hallways etc and when no one is in the hallways or the restaurants and shops are not operating, they get zapped by UV lighting. When a door opening is sensed it immediately turns off maybe? But that is one business that really needs to up it's game in disinfecting everything otherwise they will never recover.

  6. I just got an ad on snapchat for workout tips after ordering some stuff related to that and doing some google searches on it, I don't like this present.


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