League of Legends – 9234 Movement Speed Ninja Rammus
After 70 minutes of testing and farming, this is what we reached!
Enjoy 🙂 Info is in Description below!
Keep it up guys, you are awesome!

Ive seen a lot of people asking what buffs i used, so here is the all the info:
Movement speed Quintessence (runes)
Movement speed talents in the Utility talent tree (the talent tree to the rigth)
Orianna W buff
Galio wind buff
Zilean speed buff
Jayce barrier buff
Revive (summer spell)
Shurelyas revive
Homeguard + mobility boots
Yumoos Ghostblade
Zephyr x3
Mercurial Scimitar
Ghost (summoner spell)
And of course Powerball

Nguồn: https://appstore.com.vn/

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  1. SANIC RAMUS (DISTORTED LOUD MUSIC) GOTTA FARM FAST! and if hes killing a minion the "ring collect" sound has to be played,


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