For the mogul and new mom, Kylie Jenner, “the more makeup the better.” Kylie details her extensive beauty routine from inside her Calabasas bathroom. Starting with just a base of moisturizer and chapstick, Kylie shows how she does her lip liner (with her eyes closed!) brows and much more in this comprehensive makeup tutorial.

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Kylie Jenner’s Guide to Lips, Brows, Confidence | Beauty Secrets | Vogue


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  2. kylie 1 minute ago: i am going for a natural look nothing too crazy

    kylie after 1 minute: i think im going to go for a crazy look

  3. I wish my sister could talk to me like this..she literally screams in my ear when we talk and shes right next to me.🤭

  4. Kylie: I like to use a small brush when I highlight—

    Me: Try’s to figure out what is on her chest and starts debating the whole video if they are hickys or body acne…


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  8. Her dry cakey make-up, zero smile & fake face gets 30M views whereas Hilary Duff’s natural beauty and cute smile gets 2M almost? Come on 90’s kids we can do this😇

  9. Gente nao é por nada nao, mas sério que ela é o ícone de beleza nos Estados Unidos? Tantas mulheres relamente bonitas la e eles ficam endeusando essa daí…


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