Here’s the link to my Primer for Buyers video:

Here’s the link to my FAQ’s for Consignors video:

Here’s the link to my informational video on TheApostleP Knife Service:

TERMS OF THE SALE (How to Buy a Knife):

1. Send an email to me at In the Subject Line, reference the item you’d like to purchase. In the body, type “I’ll take it” and indicate “as is” or “sharpened.”

2. I’ll send an acknowledgement email saying “It’s yours! Please go ahead with payment…” if it’s available. If it’s already sold, I’ll say that. If it’s pending payment, I’ll let you know that too.

3. After I send your acknowledgement email, you’ll have 30 minutes to complete your purchase, or you’ll lose your place in line. If you want back in, you must send another “I’ll take it” email. Note: This rule applies only on Thursday evening. If I receive your email after going to bed on Thursday, I’ll indicate a time limit in my response, usually 8-12 hours.

4. Payment must be made by PayPal “friends or family” ONLY. Please leave the note field BLANK.

5. International buyers must agree that the seller bears no responsibility for purchased items after they leave his hand, and to the shipping costs quoted at the time of purchase.
6. Shipping will be via USPS Priority Mail (1st Class for int’l), and will happen the next business day after purchase or sharpening.

7. All prices are “shipping included” except int’l, which are quoted individually. Paypal “F&F” payments ONLY to

8. All sales are final. Returns for refund will only be accepted if an item was misrepresented in an objective way by the seller. If no erroneous statement was made by the seller, the buyer bears sole responsibility for observing the video segment and asking pertinent questions about an item prior to purchasing.

Here’s the list of items available in this sale:

3:43 Les George / Chad Nichols Defiant 7: SOLD!
6:39 JW Smith Coffin Handle Folder: SOLD!
9:47 JW Smith Clip Point Folder: 525 / 545
12:57 Dave Curtiss F3 Medium: SOLD!
15:41 Jason Clark Custom Flipper: 575 / 595
18:24 Calavera El Patron: 395 / 415
20:43 Chris Reeve Lg. Sebenza 21: SOLD!
22:30 Hinderer XM-18 3.5″ Spanto (w/4 scales): SOLD!
25:09 Spyderco Terzuola Starmate (Vintage): SOLD!
27:35 Spyderco Military (CPM-D2): SOLD!
30:01 Spyderco Military (DLC, S30V): SOLD!
31:39 Spyderco Para 2 (Tan, S35): SOLD!
33:14 Spyderco Para 2 (Burple, S110V): SOLD!
34:48 Spyderco Para 2 (BK, S30V): SOLD!
36:12 Spyderco Stretch (Super Blue): SOLD!
38:20 Spyderco Michael Walker CF: SOLD!
40:53 Spyderco Slysz Bowie: SOLD!
43:24 Emerson A-100-BT: SOLD!
44:53 ZT 0550BLK: SOLD!
46:43 Benchmade Mini Ritter Grip (w/Fura CK1): SOLD!
48:27 Boker Plus Kwaiken: SOLD!
49:30 Boker TreeBrand Scou (TAP): SOLD!
51:10 Benchmade 980 Turret: SOLD!
52:48 Massdrop / Ferrum Forge Dao: SOLD!
54:42 Reate Crossroads (TAP): SOLD!
56:50 WE Miscreant: SOLD!
58:45 Spyderco Dodo (Jade, M4): SOLD!
59:56 Spyderco Caribbean: SOLD!
1:02:03 Spyderco K2: 340 / 365
1:03:59 Spyderco Ladybug Hawkbill (USN): SOLD!
1:05:14 Spyderco Waterway: SOLD!
1:06:44 Citizen BL8000-54L Eco Drive Perpetual Calendar: SOLD!
1:09:53 Seiko SNE435 Solar Diver PADI: SOLD!


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  1. I have the 150th Anniversary Boker Scout and I can confirm they're very nice knives. They're also very overpriced. Fit and finish aside, which is very good but certainly not perfection, Boker is overly proud of their mass-produced N690 and nothing-really-special handle materials. I don't regret paying what I did for the one I have but for the cost there's no shortage of better values out there.

    $279 for the one you have there is the MSRP, though, and that's what you're going to pay straight from Boker. Actual retail from pretty much anyone else is $209. Still crazy high and as nice as they are if I was going to buy another Scout it'd probably be the substantially cheaper buffalo horn model or one of the wood-scaled versions. They have a new one out now, too, with brass bolsters, blue wood scales and a 1075 blade. The thing is gorgeous but AFAIK it's only available from the manufacturer and it's something like $265.


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