Kha’Zix vs Rengar Montage One Shot – Who is the best Jungler (League of Legends)
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  1. Rengar is better i mean i destroy kha zix every game where i see him like eh he can one shot but rengar is still better cause hes a cat

  2. KHA is the best i can't understand how u can play the rengar cacer is like Sida but ×13 more dangerous and cacer i will vomit if i will see another Rengar montage

  3. its all about who starts the fight for example
    if rengar jumps from a brush or ult xou dead bitch
    ot if kha jumps eith E you dead bitch

  4. Ye, in Lore they are very strong but in game Warwick spack their ass xDDDDDDD

    At least, I think Kha is better than Rengar in tf, but in 1 VS 1 Rengar is extremely strong than Kha bc


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