In this 1v1 fight, we’re going to see the fight between eternal enemies, here’s the Kha’zix versus Rengar! Have fun and watch other 1v1 videos. Leave a like if you enjoyed!

My Sister –
My Sis İs Fırst Video –

Musics here;
ES_Mountain Downhill 3 – Niklas Gustavsson
ES_Glitz At The Ritz 3 – Gavin Luke

NEFFEX – Life [Copyright Free]

Outro: Desmeon – Back From The Dead [NCS Release]
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47 thoughts on “KHA'ZIX vs RENGAR FULL BUILD FIGHTS & Best Moments!

  1. You can find last the three fight we did at the top right (i button)
    Here's the 1v1 playlist ►
    Have a great one!

  2. Kha'Zix won because Rengar can't always start with full ferocity which means Kha'Zix has advantage on that.

  3. Rengar has his lvl16 kill so that means he gets more damage and kha’zix does not cuz in the beginning rengar killed kha first so rengar gets the ester egg that L.O.L put in the game where if kha or rengar hit lvl16 and who ever kills each other first. If kha kill rengar first he gets all 4 of his Q W E And R boosted and if rengar gets his lvl16 kill on kha first he gets more damage

  4. My comment on this:Both of them are built the way they are never built in a normal game, rengar doesent have his necklace which would make a huge difference and rengar still gets him and rengars ult counters kha zix ult so ill definetely give this one to rengar

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