Kha’Zix & Rengar Montage – Pro Outplays Compilation, One Jump – One Shot | League of Legends
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  1. wow rengo do pentas 5 vs 1 and omg this cant be posible!! kha kill adc with 20 hp omg thi smontage is so goooooooooooooooooooooood (no,is bullshiet dislike)

  2. No champion is stronger. its "opinion" it the player, situation and the items. They both have ups, downs and hell, maybe one is "easier to play" or one is "a bit better late game" but it really depends.

  3. LUL the guy who got 2 pentas in one game as rengar was doing all this crazy shits just for twitch right ?? but if that was his actual reaction with that "WHAT AM I DOING" he was just smashing his head against keybord LUL xDDD


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