Jerma archived The Incredible Hulk (The original title of this stream was “Finishing My Chores”, and was originally streamed/recorded on March 6th, 2020)
This video is part of a larger stream that goes 1. Super Mario Sunshine (Part 3 Finale), 2. The Bachelor: The Videogame, 3. The Incredible Hulk

(Note: This channel is not run by Jerma, just a couple of fans wanting to archive the streams for a later date, and just for the community of fans.)

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  1. Mom can we play Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction?
    Mom: We have Ultimate Destruction at home
    Ultimate Destruction at home:

  2. He started having so much fun once he actually got to the city, I can't wait for him to actually play Hulk: Ultimate Destruction and have ten times as much fun. Being able to grab a person, set them down and pat their head, and follow that up with a punt kick into orbit is an unforgettable experience.

  3. I really hope he gets Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, possibly the best hulk game ever made, i played the 2 different hulk games on ps2 and this hulk game on ps3, still Hulk: U. D. takes the win, it was just made better in every way.

  4. "Hulk: Ultimate Destruction"
    >"Ultimate Destruction" is nowhere on the title screen when he says this.

  5. In Hulk Ultimate Destruction You can pick up civilians and they're just so tiny, the hulk actually flicks them away into the distance.

  6. You think he would've seen that the "Ultimate Destruction" subtitle was not on the Amazon page, game box, the disc, or the game itself when he bought it.

  7. I do hope Jerma plays Ultimate Destruction in the future. Getting the wrong freaking game was such a "Jerma thing" though lol.

  8. Nobody tell him that the same people who made Simpsons Road Rage made the Hulk game that he accidentally didn't buy.

  9. for a second i couldnt tell if those were tears of joy or if he's crying in absolute horror in response to what he has done to those poor virtual people

  10. Boomer dad buys wrong game then tries to argue with his children that the better game is no different.

    No dad, the store brand cereal doesn't taste the same.

  11. Holy shit the first 4 minutes after he got to the streets almost killed me. I have chosto and it made me laugh so hard my chest hurt for actual hours.

  12. Man I saw this live and it was hilarious
    14:15 onward made my stomach hurt from laughing
    when he started beating the civilians instead of the bad guys shooting at them with lasers i lost it

  13. I don't think Jerma understands that The Incredible Hulk and Hulk Ultimate Destruction are two different games. Ulitmate Destruction is actually a pretty good game. This is like when your dad comes home with a game and is like, you wanted that new Hulk game right?

  14. Lol jerma you idiot that’s just the Incredible Hulk movie video game not the Incredible Hulk ultimate destruction game


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