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Hey guys it’s hard to believe it has almost been exactly one year since our first car cover “Me & My Broken Heart / Lonely No More” Mashup. We’ve had so many requests to do another. So in honor of it’s one year anniversary and being our first video to go viral which helped us reach so many of you, we thought it would be appropriate to release another mashup in our car! Thank you all for the constant support and we hope you enjoy this mashup as much as you did the first. We couldn’t do this without you!
P.S. New originals are on the way! Stay tuned

Andie Case cover of “Want To Want Me” – “I Want You To Want Me” by Jason Derulo & Cheap Trick





Andie Case –
Ajay Marshall –
Naphtali Smith –

Andie Case –
Ajay Marshall –
Naphtali Smith –

Young & Reckless –
Absent Minded Kings –
Tag 22 –


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  1. И как всегда ,главное оружие…во все оружии!!!Кстати классные пушки!

  2. Commented on here 5 years ago to say that the guy in the front is totally in love with you.. I'm back now to say that the guy in the back is my spirit animal.

  3. Andie when I am having a bad day like with everything that's going on these days the covid stuff and life being all messed up..your voice calms my heart my soul ..thank you andie!!!

  4. Utterly impressive at the level of raw talent here. No autotune, no studio tricks, no studio, just pure talent. Glad to see real music still being made without after effect tweaks.

  5. Gosh Andie Case is such a beautifull woman and she has very beautifull eyes and smile and very nice boobs 😉😍😍😍😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️🌹

  6. False advertising……… U are so flat chested 😂 that is one hell of a push up bra hahaha cute face but false advertising

  7. Omg Andie this is brilliant when i seen this it instantly became my favourite song check out my cover from you please your awesome and so beautiful ❤️

  8. My dad was listening to "I Want You To Want Me" in the car while we were driving and a mashup of these songs is what came to mind. I imagined the melody revolving more around "I Want You to Want Me" more than "Want to Want Me"

  9. What's with showing that much cleavage!!?? Hope you realise that kids are watching too. Besides the singing you lack self-respect, integrity and being a lady…

  10. Приезжай в Россию мы тебя будем очень сильно ждать


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