Episode 9

First aired November 27, 2009

The seven remaining contestants are administered their second makeovers at Charme&Cheveux salon in Milan. Anastasia gets a radical change, her hair being partially shaved and dyed red, while other girls receive minor changes. All the girls seem glad of their new looks.

For this week’s photoshoot the girls are driven to a spa, there they will be posing underwater with Morellato jewels. Anastasia finds troubles in executing the task while Sabrina overcomes her fear of water and succeeds in the shooting.

In the studio the girls are evaluated on their outcomes. Anisia is universally praised for her improvement and her beautiful shot, while Caroline disappoints all the panel with a terrible photo. Anastasia is said to have produced her worst performance to date, however the panel praises her for her competitive spirit and self-confidence. Sabrina receives positive feedbacks although Nadege still wants her to show more elegance. Gilda is criticized for her unelegant arm and her cold facial expression.

During deliberation Anastasia, Caroline and Gilda are said to have the worst photos, but in the end it is Caroline and Gilda who face each other in the bottom two. After walking in a runway challenge with bikinis and short dresses the panel saves Caroline for showing more confidence and potential, as Giusy, Michael and the guest judge vote to oust Gilda from the competition.

* Bottom two: Caroline & Gilda
* Eliminated: Gilda
* Guest judge: Gianluca Vialli, former football player
* Featured photographer: Nicola Majocchi

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  1. La sabri a quello che non sa neanche parlare gli avrà fatto tanti di quei bocchini che si è consumata le labbra

  2. Non sono solo io ad essere qua per Sabrina ma poverina è stata coraggiosissima 🌵💗
    C è soltanto perché ha superato la sua fobia per me avrebbe già vinto tutto ma si vede che è di gran lunga più brava di tutte le altre 😍🌵💗💗


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