Authorities have found a new excuse to delay reopening America: The need for hundreds of thousands of so-called ‘contact tracers.’ #FoxNews #IngrahamAngle

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  1. > Laura Ingraham Excellent presentation, Laura – you said it all, and thank you. Many Americans need a refresher course on The Constitution – too many are so easily controlled as they jump on the compliance bandwagon without thinking of the ramifications.

  2. watched for minutes, this gal is an idiot, wow anyone believe her?? Call me I have some investment to sell you

  3. Do not cooperate with this. Do not sell out your friends and family. You will be giving the government the ability to lock any of them up at any time. If asked who you had contact with the answer is "no one" Do not down load their apps, do not return their phone calls. Make it as hard for them as possible. The Democrats are trying to use covid as an excuse to turn this in to a police state. All this over something that has the same mortality rate as a typical flue.

  4. Elon musk please come back to california and be our governor gavin was nancy pisslousys unwanted son nancy is claiming gavy is obamas brother please come back to run this state

  5. I don't think they were all that "willing "- it all hit so fast and with such fearmongering. I think, i know, many really resent this, and where it is going. Thr "covid" era shouldbe OVER !

  6. Disturbing because it's true. A lot of Americans have become cattle. Trading away freedom for perceived safety, only to be taken to slaughter. I've been warning people for over 30 years about what is happening today. Apparently, I didn't do a very good job. I was laughed at and marginalized for warning people of the oppression that was coming if they continued down the path of "security" over liberty. Time will tell if Americans actually value their freedom. What I do know now is that the governor of Michigan values hers over mine or any other citizen. And she is far from alone.

  7. The covid-19 excuse. And the survival rate is…..99.8%? Yeah, let's turn our lives upside down for this non-sense.

  8. Laura ingraham's have you even attended one of the almost hundred thousand funerals because you're President Trump did not take a pandemic serious? Really Obama stop 3 epidemics from becoming a pandemic in America, the swine flu is SARS, Eboli,

  9. technocrats are ratz as the word itself reveals! Globalists set up this so called pandemic and the Deep State includes people like Soros, Rothschild, Rockefeller ad nauseam!

  10. LOL….I haven't had a family doctor or have seen a doctor in 25 years. I don't wear a mask and I don't follow their rules…No one rules over me. They can make all the rules and laws they want ,but they can't and won't be able to follow me 24/7. Catch me if you can….:)

  11. I sure pray you hear this Mrs. Ingraham,
    In the past, I have been critical of you. It was because I didn't know what I know now.
    Sincerely, I hope that you accept my apologies. From now on I will give you my complete support.
    This presidency is really grownbreaking and unique. The president Trump has my support as well. Thank you president Donald Trump.

  12. They already have STASI through 'community policing' [fusion centers + private contractors] "Contact Tracers" are next level STASI. Patriots, you know what to do.

  13. There will soon be updates to iOS and Android to do this without your knowledge. Each phone pings other phones in its vicinity and reports who was in your space.

  14. If they come to the Patriots door they will find contact. The kind they will not like.these COMMUNISTS
    Will start it. the Patriots will finish it.

  15. The blue governor’s are just wanting to make Trump look bad! They care very little about the people they harm!

  16. @0:11 + They are endowed by the THING Mr. Reagan!!! The THING! THING THING THING!!! GET IT?? ENDOWED BY THE THING! It IS SELF EVIDENT! The THING!!


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