India, Paige, and Tatiana take on the persona of three powerful women in pop culture. India kills her Katy Perry look while Tatiana and Paige struggle with Tyra Banks and Britney Spears.


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India’s Katy Perry Look Is Uncanny | America’s Next Top Model


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  1. they could at least give Tatiana green eye contacts they didnt have enough money for green eye contacts? and that wig though lol

  2. These photographers were just straight up talking out of their asses. This show went from a bit silly to an utterly ridiculous mess.

  3. Perception is everything, everyone's thoughts are different so how do we really know if someone's a model? Besides obvious differences such as look personality walk and so on?

  4. The Brittany impersonation was only bad because of the person who is telling her how to impersonate Britney. I’m a huge Britney and love her and nothing he was giving her had anything to do with Britney Spears personality.

  5. Bro, that would suck, I would want to be able to do some sort of research about them and like, look at their posture in the moves and photos of them in red carpets and stuff first, but obviously they can't, so that must be hard.

  6. Working with untalented people it's irritating they gave them girls no Direction light tell her stop smiling and get serious chin down you look like a drag queen Mogul like pictures be a boss %%^^ that's how u direct

  7. Tatiana always has a habit of saying I am a complete package. I don't know why she says that. Its as if she already thinks she is top model


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