Top 4 Latest Indian Defence News Headlines on Today’s “Indian Defence Updates” episode are as follows :

1. Russia in talks with India & China on project to build Next Generation Fighter #Su57EIndia.
2. India’s 500 Km #BrahmosER Trial just got postponed. New 800 Km range : Hypersonic Brahmos-II Cancelled
3. India set to deliver Myanmar’s first submarine : Kilo Class Submarine. #MakeInIndia
4. China announces first export of HJ-12E ATGW system


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  1. 🔴What's your opinion on : "Should India Procure Su-57E,If AMCA 1st Flight Delayed By 2026" ?

  2. Too much delay. That is why India is behind other countries for sale if diffence equipment.
    Reconsider and pretpone to 2022

  3. IAF should go for a mixture of French,American & Russian Fighters.
    That way we don’t depend on any one nation in time of war.
    Because in case of war with China I highly doubt Russia will support India the way they did in past.

  4. Lol, Russia was never going to give us hypersonic tech… If you want something so advanced, you have to develop it yourself, like China.

  5. 1. FYI: J20 has side radar
    2. Indians like to make claims completely without any evidence or even basic logic, AMCA will be 6 G fighter??? a 5 G jet fighter needs 1) a good engine to be able to do super cruise, 2) a good AESA radar, 3 ) a good long range missile. India does not have any of these key factors, and all of these can not be solved by India in any time soon, that time is 30 years. what engine India will use?? GE 414?? its max power is only 97 kN, much less than current J20's engine WS 10 B with 132 kN, while Indians are all laugh at China's J20 not real 5 G?? China now is replacing WS 10 B with WS 15 with max power output 180 kN. F-22's engine is 156 kN, F35's engine is 190 kN, we can say that anything less than 150 kN cannot be used in a 5 G fighter or it cannot be called a real 5 G. where India can go to get engine with Max power output of 150 kN and above?? USA has rejected India for JV for develop engines. UK and France do not even have it themselves.
    3. Radar, India made AESA radar is not working so it is not being used in any India jets
    4. Missile, India's Astra's range is too short, France would not allow India to use Meteor on India's made jet.
    in summary, India AMCA is just a dream, it will never ever ever realize due to India does not have any basic building blocks or key component for it.

  6. If India can refitting submarine for Mayanmar then why Navy is not giving the 3 kilo class submarine to HSL for indigenous refitting program

  7. If Russia United Aircraft Corporation do Joint Venture with Indian Private Company in India then India Considered to Manufacturing Aircraft

  8. Su-57E को चीन को बेचने में रूस का नुकसान हो जाएगा क्योंकि चीन कम संख्या में खरीदने के बाद उनकी रिवर्स इंजीनियरिंग करता है और दूसरे देशों को भी बेचता है। जबकि भारत अधिक संख्या में खरीदता है और केवल स्वयं ही इस्तेमाल करता है। जय मां भारती।

  9. India is no capable of developing a 5th generation fighter jet. AMCA is a waste of time and money.
    Best option is to import from Russia or US.


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