Today’s Latest Indian Defence News/Indian defence Updates in Hindi As Follow:IAF Refused Russian Engine for Super Sukhoi,3 Kilo Class Submarine,Indian navy

Today’s Latest Indian Defence News Headlines:-

-IAF says No to Russia’s Engine Swap offer for its Su-30MKI fleet
-The Indian Navy’s Potent Conventional Submarine Capability
-Navy to replenish warships at sea to stop port calls

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  1. At moment and after coronavirus India and Pakistan need to focus on health and economy more then military as both nations can not get involved in a another conflict

  2. अब केरला इन जीहादीयों ,आतँकीयों के लिए Safe Zone बन चुका है

  3. Bhai budget km ho na to intelligence k peechey Jana chahiye number k peechey nhi , pooraney sadiyal mig leney sey acchha 5 rafel hi rakho

  4. Alcohol sharab m 40 percent hota h… Sanitizer mei minimum 70percent…

    Sharab 500₹litre h.. Par Sanitizer 70₹litre h(widout black marketing)…
    Sanitizer sasta nasha h🤪

  5. Bro if india airforce is not replace old ingines of su30 mki and only upgrade su30 avionics then…. Su 30 mki is not performing like su35 because su57 radar need more electricity….but overall su30 mki performance is good…. Because his old ingine is also very powerful…

  6. Indian IB should be trained by Israeli Agency MOSAD so it's capabilities of eradicating anti national elements is increased with in India.

  7. It is buisness tactics of Russia. Refusing purchase of Russian engines is a good step. India should have at least ten nos of neuclear sub Marines in its naval fleets.

  8. Super Sukhoi will not get new engines from Su-35 and only using Su-57 avionics budget constraint, Navy is doing good.

  9. @New Engine: There will be an issue(non-public but shared with IAF) with a new engine as well and with a high $ price tag, it is not worth approaching for now.

  10. Why don't we use AL 31F engine for our Tejas MK2 MWF? We can also achieve thrust vectoring. Currently J10 is already running on same engine. With 132kN afterburning thrust, it will even surpass GE F414 series engines(98 kN afterburning thrust).

  11. सर्वांना रामनवमीच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा जय श्रीराम 🕉️🕉️🕉️🕉️🚩 🚩🚩🚩🚩

  12. Nice Video Sir…All we love INDIAN ARMY & Armed Forces of India.We Proud to be Indian.If anyone want to Watch Defence Related Videos in BENGALI Subscribe#defencelifestyle – বাংলা , Bengal's first dedicated YouTube Channel for INDIAN ARMED FORCES .All we loves your videos Thank You!

  13. Ansh bro…hal hi mai hunter 17crpf k jawano ko naxali chupke Mara he…sarkar kya action lane walk he…any update vai?


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