The contestants step out of their comfort zone for the first nude photoshoot.


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India Is Nervous About The First Nude Photoshoot ‘Sneak Peek’ | America’s Next Top Model


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  1. Waow lova ,,,, love lova ,,,, love , sexy , nice , fun ,,,,, lovely ,,,,, sulistiyo cahyono/yoyok/t.j/06208817043729/062082257862178

  2. Just for d sake of a photoshoot…u need to be naked…tht really not done… seriously…whats up with fashion industry…

  3. These girls don't really look like high fashion models. They look like they should model for target catalogs. Just saying

  4. This is cycle 52 of ANTM don't come in here not ready to get nekkid that's like coming to rupauls drag race not knowing how to sew.

  5. Another girl pressured to sell her body as an object for authoritative acceptance to conform her to a mass standard of female objectification for the girls die to look like and males to fap at
    Thank you for presenting us with an example VH1!

  6. models these days are too overly sexualiesd. bet you I am going to get comments saying oh your judgemental, and rubbish. The truth is you can't disagree with me on this, soon naked models will be on billboards

  7. As long as this show has been on, it bewilders me when contestants say they will not pose nude. Do you not know that a nude shoot is a ritual on ANTM?

  8. These are not models lol. Models have a distinct look and that will stay the same in that industry. These are just pretty girls. Why do you think insta girls aren't walking fashion week runways? Just pretty girls.

  9. i would love to do something like this if its tastefully done! for my husband mainly but they all looked stunning marrissa is my fav 😍😍😍


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