India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has appealed for calm, after days of clashes between Hindus and Muslims in New Delhi. At least 20 people have been killed. There are now calls from New Delhi’s Chief Minister for a curfew. The protest began as a demonstration against Mr Modi’s new citizenship law, but quickly deteriorated into battles between armed mobs. At least two mosques have been set on fire. Nearly 200 people have been injured, and about one-third of them have gunshot wounds.

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  1. Now after watching this video I realized why so many Indians live in my country ( Kuwait )

  2. Ey Musalmanoo #Kashmir ky Musalmanoo par Zulam ky khilaf nhi bolo gy to ye rss or bjp tum sab Musalmanoo par bi Zulam kareen ge. Jaga Musalmanoo jago.

  3. Shame on Arab world giving India £100billion a year shame my Muslims brothers and sisters if Arab world are to afraid we can boycott all India stuff including movies they killing our brothers and sisters.

  4. This is happening because PM Modi recently visited Israel. All ihudi wants dominate Muslim people so that PM Modi walking on there ways. For dominant muslims inside india Israel will give advanced technologies to the Indian government. I tthink that's why recently hindu and Muslim clashing in front of police. There government want this then what will do Indian muslims peoples against Hinduism government. Where those victims will go for there rights ?

  5. So are these the patriotic Indian Muslims who only a few years ago would wave the Tiraṅgā flag and insult Pakistan all the time.

  6. 💩🖕🕉️🖕💩🕉️🖕💩🖕🕉️🖕💩🕉️🖕💩🖕🕉️🖕💩🕉️🖕💩🖕🕉️🖕🕉️💩🖕💩🖕🕉️🖕💩💩

  7. ፍትህ ለአክሱም ሙስሊሞች #አክሱም ኣገሬ የተወለድኩብሽ ያደኩብሽ መስጅድ ይሰራብሽ

    Ya allah our brothers and sisters 😢 💔💔💔

  8. Just 20 ? It will be more then 200000 really soon, and then they will understand the 2 nation theory of Jinnah …

  9. Pakistan made this cameuonty war between hindus and Muslims in India.
    When Donald trump visited Delhi this voilance started and when he go this voilance also stop,
    We indian are not follies so we can't understand what happened and why happened, Pakistan and china never want frendship between india and America.

    You should understand reality is not these news reality is deferent.
    Thank you jai hind.

  10. Islam finally won the battle of this hates….Yes that's the  nature of Islam ….when u start to blaming against Islam u must study Al Qur'an & Prophet Muhammad PBUH ,if u r studying Al Qur'an & prophet life definitely two things will happen 1st u r revert to Islam or increase your respect about Islam…
    Dear you all please watch this video "Understanding Islam"


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