The rest of India, including the Centre, would do well to learn from Kerala’s epidemic management efforts so far in the SARS CoV-2 pandemic. It successfully prevented transmissions when Covid-19 was first reported in the state—three students from the state studying at a medical college in Wuhan were detected to be infected, and then isolated and treated before being released after testing negative for the pathogen twice.

Kerala has become a model for all states in India in its COVID-19 fight. Kerala is set to become the first state in the country to commence convalescent plasma therapy, which uses antibodies from the blood of cured patients, to treat critically ill COVID-19 cases on a trial basis.

The records of Covid-19 patients who tested positive between March 9 and 20 show Kerala as having a high rate of recovery at 84 per cent. In all, the rate stands at 17 per cent so far when one takes into account all cases in the state till date, beginning with the first case — that of the Wuhan-based student — that was reported on January 30.

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