Iana Khanashevich supermodel exclusive interview with ChanceTV

Iana Khanashevich was born November 21st 1994 in Moscow, Russia where she lived until she was 18 years old. At the age of 18th Iana’s parents were looking to expand their business ventures into the United States. Her parent’s thought it would be a nice family trip to take the kids with them to the U.S. and show them the big apple. After several months in New York they quickly grew to like the city and the conversation began about relocated the family to the United States. While Iana knew it meant leaving her family, friends and lifestyle behind she welcomed the idea of change and living in New York a fantasy that many of her friends dreamt of. Iana not knowing much English and not having friends in the US at the time spent most of her days learning English, taking cooking classes and going from one beauty salon to the next trying to keep her time occupied not to go stir crazy. In 2015 Iana met Noel Marin a Model Agency owner and Ex Judge on the famous show “America’s Next Top Model”. Noel insisted the Iana has what it takes to become a top model and helped propel her Modeling Career. Iana spent the next 3 years (2015-2018) as a fashion model in New York, she has walked the runway for famous brands such as YSL, she has been featured on the cover of luxury magazines such as Metropolitan Magazine and even had the chance to shoot with photographer to the stars Udo Spreitzenbarth for Zink Magazine. Iana has also done commercial shoots for Sephora, JCPenny and is part of an ongoing commercial ad for Cover Girl. The one thing that Iana came to learn and learned quickly she did was most people in the business are out for themselves and it is difficult to find a normal manager or agency that has a model’s best interest at heart. A good example was her first manager Noel Marin who pocketed most of Ms. Khanashevich’s earnings and went on later to file for bankruptcy after Iana and some of Noel’s other clients filed a law suit against him. Today Iana is a full-time student aspiring of becoming an Attorney and runs an online store (IKStyles) selling luxury dresses and accessories for women.

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