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  1. why are these people so salty …
    skt was once your favorite team tho XD
    faker shown some legendary highlights
    and now that he lost at the sf youre gonna be salty at him is it
    because g2 showed up? hahaha dud they were just lucky
    skt couldve give a better fight at the finals hahaha

  2. they are smart they are best players in this video game but they dont still fucking understand english xD how the fk

  3. I just don't get it,if they are professionals,why is it too hard to learn a fucking english? Why is it to hard for those china,korea… players to learn a goddamn english…

  4. That translator is <3 . Screw faker and that fucked up league of legends, I gave like only cuz she's here

  5. SKT lost but it was a heck of a series. Everyone goes to BO5 trying to win. So its natural to say you are gonna beat the other team.
    All these "this didnt age well" people are the ones who are happy with participation certificates and never won anything in life.

  6. Lol everyone talking smack cause SKT lost but at the end of the day does anyone in league history have anywhere near as many international Championships as Faker…..nope and the people that do where his team mates so yea let’s say G2 is the most dominant team in history (it’s not, trust me cause if u say they are then go watch Samsung white and SKT in 2016 if I remember) they’ll have to prove it buy beating Fakers record, people say he’s done and maybe he is but his legacy, no once beaten it and until then remember that your talking about the best league player in history and the proof is in his wins, until someone beats all the records they ain’t the best, it’s that simple. The only title any player that hasn’t won as many championships could get is the best player at that worlds or best player of that season, not the best player of all time.


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