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Set about a year after the events of the film, the game begins in a dream sequence where a man named Bruce Banner transforms into a large and powerful monster dubbed the Hulk and destroys waves of soldiers and tanks sent by the military to attack him. Upon awakening, Bruce Banner is contacted by his old mentor Dr. Crawford who explains that he has developed a cure for the Hulk called the Gamma Orb. Unfortunately, military troops led by the corrupt General John Ryker have raided the lab. Bruce Banner sneaks into the lab and discovers that General Ryker wants to obtain the Gamma Orb. After reaching Dr. Crawford, Bruce allows his old mentor to use the Gamma Orb on him, but Crawford uses it to steal the Hulk’s energy.

This is a much older game from the PS2 era, so the majority of the story is told through the cutscenes and not much through the gameplay. For that reason we didn’t feel the need to add too much gameplay other than some small bits of fighting. As always we used relevant gameplay, important dialogue and all cutscenes to make a fluid cinematic experience. We hope you enjoy!

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  1. This is an oldie. Felt fun back then, hasn't aged that well lol. But nonethless it's fun to look back. We recorded this on the Dolphin emulator. We'll be doing a sort of mini Marvel week leading up to Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy next week. We'll also do Marvel Nemesis, X-Men Legends, Iron Man 1 and 2. We hope you enjoy!

  2. I loved this game as a kid. I got it when I was about 9 years old, and a massive Hulk fan. I remember the Banner parts were tough. I was so happy to find cheats for this game. Lol

  3. As a kid I used to always love throwing the military soldiers off the roofs. I always thought the yell they made was hilarious.

  4. This was the first game I've ever played (I was born in 2006. I'll be honest the game was kinda trash but that's what I love about it. It'll always be my favorite!

  5. Where i can download this game?? I loved this game when i was a child, i can say that is my favorite game from my chilhood!!!

  6. Honestly, this game aged a million times better then Hulk Ultimate Destruction, that game looks like shit compared to this one.

  7. It might be a simple game in comparison to its successors. The game play might be rusty and small now.
    But it's campaign, with all these villains, in this one giant story? A classic feeling Hulk adventure?

  8. I always hated how hulk had the same underwhelming growl all the time. He never had like a proper scream

  9. I have this game since my childhood when I was 10 years old sure does bring me back memories looking at it this Hulk game was one of my favorites.

  10. DUDE HOW DOES THE GAME LOOK SO BEUTIFUL?? is just that my ps2 is shit? What type of high class limited edition playstaion do you have to make the game so gorgeous

  11. I'm no genius, but I think the one line you should never tell the Hulk is "Yell all you want." or "Shut up!"

  12. I fucking love this game. Despite all the hate it might get – was incredible to me then and still is now!

  13. The game dat introduced me to the gaming world..loved it alot..thank u fr bringing bck the old memories..bruce Banner's dubbing by eric bana is awesome


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