Guide on how to play the 5 starter careers in Warhammer: Vermintide 2: the Mercenary, the Veteran Ranger, the Waystalker, the Witch Hunter and the Bright Wizard

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Thanks for watching, see you all next time! 😀


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  1. Hey mate! Nice video! Are you still in the game? Would you sonsider to make a new video and now propably with the advanced characters? Vermintide 2 is just so freakin satisfying! When you hear the screams of the berserkers coming near, you welcome the battle. It will take it all to survive.

  2. in al honest id see my self playing the dwarf and mercenary compared to the others the dwarf cause I love a good shotgun and the human when i feel like horde clearing or my team needs it

  3. Markus, orange halberd with 20% attack rate increase when you hit a crit, talent into every 5 hits give you a crit, and hitting 4 enemies at once gives 20% attack rate increase, great for hordes, 40% attack increase and wide sweeps, and for single target damage 20% attack increase(you will hit 5 times in a row before your 20% runs out ) AP. You'll be able to damage everything and fast, however, not great at tanking, and with how much you'll get the bosses attention with your damage it can suck. And I personally take hand gun to help take specials down at range, but range is more of a personal thing I think.

  4. Tips for playing the Rapier: KEEP POKING THAT ASS, MAN!!! That's right you heard me, poke that huge monstrous ass real hard!!!

  5. I agree with you on that,so many people hold you up cause they want more kills lol instead of finishing the job!

  6. As a new player doing quick play runs with other low levels I find that the best strategy is to be at least decent in two different roles. Often times other new players don't really know what is happening and what they should be doing and spam arrows at basic slave rats. My current best way of doing QP with randoms is Kruber with a two-handed greatsword for cleave and a handgun for sniping. I used to play Vermintide 1 for a while and if there's one thing that both games have in common is the players completely oblivious to their surroundings. Being able to deal with a horde AND snipe that packmaster currently dragging your Kerilian away because she's playing with a blindfold is a way of success AND making your team think you should be the one calling the shots and leading the way.

    Establish dominance over your teammates by being competent, and they might follow you. Not will, just might. Herding cats is a tough job.

  7. Obviously an excellent guide but at the same time this is a year ago and is irrelevant from what I've seen. I'm also assuming this is just me personally but I've started a week and a half ago and have 60 hours into the game and I play better while at the same time maintaining the scoreboard and role. Idk if anything has just changed? But the lack of parrying, blocking and dodging to just swing swing swing is like ugh. I started out with kerillian and shes pretty easy to kill elites while also killing hordes and monsters lol.

  8. Or you take the Glaive Longbow combo for Kerillian and have great cleave, AP, Sniper for specials and get ammo back for every time you use your ability

  9. Did they change the Witch Hunter? I can't seem to do the move where he will block and shoot with his left hand….figured they patched this unlimited ammo hack out of the game

  10. My main class is Kerillian (Shade) with dual daggers and a longbow. The daggers do well against small to medium sized packs of enemies, longbow to take care of specials and man, the ultimate is a boss destroyer. Especially if you have a purple potion, you can take care of trolls, rat ogres, etc. in seconds.

  11. Does anyone still play this game? Finally got around to downloading it on PS4 only to not be able to find any lobbies…

  12. What hoards when you have a grudge-raker and 30% ammo pick ups? Just let me stand in front of a konga line and I'll thin it to nothingness in two shots before they even get to butt slapping range, dawri.


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