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In this video, I share my personal story about how I came up in poker and learned about something I call ‘compounding success’. Can you apply exponential growth principles your in poker strategy?


What does compounding success mean? It means that it follows an exponential growth curve.

And what is exponential growth actually? Exponential growth is an incredible phenomenon, so much so that Einstein called it ‘the most powerful force in the Universe’. Understanding how it works in your life can help you stay on course.

If people understood how the success model worked, they wouldn’t lament about the trivial growth in the beginning. Success simply works that way. It grows exponentially. This is crucial, for so many people quit too early. If you have been putting in the work for years and don’t feel like you’re progressing, it may mean you simply haven’t reached the elbow of your growth.

The caveat to the exponential growth model is that one is actually a favorite to win in the game they’re playing. Just because exponential growth exist, it is by no means guaranteed. Many never hit the elbow growth, because they’re playing the wrong game, their business idea is abysmal, or their execution is poor.

Find out how Warren Buffett made his money, learn more about amazon share price history, explore details from Bill Gates biography or see an example of how lack of understanding of exponential growth can have severe consequences, like Covid-19 / Corona exponential spread.

Society has misunderstood what it means to be an overnight success. Learn the compounding success formula and how this applies to your life and business.


“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it. Compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe. Compound interest is the greatest mathematical discovery of all time.”
– Albert Einstein

0:00 – Einstein: “The most powerful force in the universe”
0:20 – My “Overnight Success” as a Poker player
3:40 – What does compounding success mean
4:00 – Understanding exponential growth and how to apply it in Poker
4:35 – Amazon success | amazon share price history
5:21 – How Warren Buffett made his money
7:47 – Covid 19 / Coronavirus exponential growth
8:31 – Understanding how exponential growth works in real life and poker
9:00 – How long does it take to become overnight success | My favorite Bill Gates quote

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  1. Pls guide me with the concept to win in online poker tournament. I have just passed 1 year playing poker online and lost almost more than 70grand.. What books to follow or what strategy to proceed to get better end result.. Waiting for your reply…

  2. A good video, but I was hoping to learn how to exponentially grow my poker bankroll instead of grinding my life away at 1/3 lol

  3. Alec, your wonderful explanation of “exponential growth” has compelled me to communicate. You are inspirational as I am on a journey that looks to reach the period of “exponential growth”. In my case at the age of 67, a sense of urgency would be a constant, but it isn’t. Why?, because the “growth elbow” can be reached in many time zones (as portrayed in price charts, be they monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, or by the minute. The growth elbow is in all time zones and can be recognized.). I am adding to the above. I consider myself to be like the tortoise in a race, grinding slowly and attempting to be patient. I have had a number of disappointments, but the lord has been good to me. Thank you again for sharing and allowing me to share. May both of us experience the next “elbow” in our respective quests!


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