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Protesters and riot police clashed anew on the island of Chios, as the demonstrations against the creation of new centres for migrants on the island continued on Wednesday.

Footage shows the protesters attempting to walk uphill Mount Aipos, where the new centres is planned to be built, before being prevented by riot police, who deployed tear gas.

Protests against the Greek government over the creation of new centres for migrants have been taking places across the north-eastern Aegean islands, including Chios and Samos since Tuesday.

The refugee crowding in the Greek camps had temporarily eased following a deal between the EU and Turkey but has worsened in recent months. With 74,613 arrivals in 2019, according to the UNHCR, Greek islands continue to be the main entry point for illegal immigration in the EU.

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  1. Chios had the best reaction. As a Greek I know. They were united the whole time and the next morning they gone to the hotel the riot police were staying beat them and throw their belongings away. The same night they left the island 😜

  2. the wor dmigrants has changed in its meaning, when someone used to migrate to a other country, he would first buy a house their, find a job, and than move, now migrant just means "a person who crosses a border illegal and is really a invader"..

  3. What is happening there now?
    Has the plandemic resulted in Greeks being restricted from resisting all of this???

  4. The EU is responsible for this, Merkel saying Europe was open to people.
    Greece would be better off out of EU and taking back control of its own immigration laws.

  5. GLOBALIST agenda! Destroy, divide and ……they want their own ultimate KING OF THIS PLANET! THEY ARE SICK! BEYOND BELIEF….IMPOSSIBLE TO COMPREHEND!

  6. The police should SERVE and PROTECT their OWN, yes their OWN people, not these stone throwing thugs…..Shame on the Greek police
    Guess they would defend their actions saying: well we just follow orders…Thats exact same we heard after ww2 when traitors and scum were at trial……..

  7. A deep state invasion of Chios, organised by the elite of europe who are obeying their masters and not listening to the people of europe.

  8. From France 🇫🇷 francistan the djihadiste zone CAC 40 actionnariat Allah Akbar
    The green zone europistan

  9. The Greeks are right to protest & fight too if they must. It is their culture, their jobs, their families, their safety, their future that is at risk, and they are getting zero help from the EU or their own government. 

    The Greeks will have to have this fight eventually, so you may as well have it now or else just surrender your country. Later on there will be even more invaders, so better to get protesting, resisting & fighting now.

  10. So nice to see Greeks willing to fight to protect their families and communities and country against the Islamic Terrorist invasions coming from Turkey. It's so sad the EU stands against the soveriegn state of Greece and with the Terrorist supporting nation of Turkey that isn't even in Europe.

  11. The deliberate destabilization of peaceful and prosperous countries.
    Hang all EU officials and all NGO'S bring in migrants.

  12. With this Corona virus, countries are closing there borders anyway. Including in the EU . So these migrants wont get far, Thankfully.

  13. Now we can se all of it. Incometant leaders there goal are not ours the people. The people knew this inside their hearts. The leaders have wrong the whole time. Thats why you don't have to believe them. Wake up! Refuges they have also the time to think. Make up with and in your own countries. If you want the same religion than keep it and go back.


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