Google Pixel 3a XL vs Essential Phone Speed Test Comparison!!!
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  1. I'm watching this video on my Essential Ph1 running Android 10 and this device is a beautiful beast. Timely updates even before the Pixel phones and it's definitely an underated champ is 2019.

  2. So even tho it's 2 years old, it's still a good phone for $160 pre owned in Very Good Condition. It was honestly between this or the Redmi Note 7 which is a beast in its own right and it's a newer phone as well……but because I found this for $30 cheaper pre owned, I decided to go with this instead, even tho it is an older phone. I figure an Older phone that continues to get updates is better than a newer phone that never updates past the version it comes with lol. Honestly, the fact that it's 2 years old, but still gets updates, is the only reason I decided to buy it. If it was 2 years old and still ran a 2 year old version of Android, I definitely wouldn't have bought it.

  3. Thanks for the vid bud.

    I am currently sporting the Essential Phone and it is a beast and well well underrated!

    It's amazing how old this phone is and yet it's able to keep up with today's modern technology of devices and to add the icing on it it gets timely updates just like a pure Google device. In fact if I'm not mistaken it got Android 9 pie before the pixels did. Darn great support!!!!


  4. A perk to still owning an Essential phone is it's slated to get Android Q. It very well might get the update the day Q goes public, I know they did that with Pie last year. I'm still loving mine and will probably run it till it dies on me.

  5. I would still choose the 3a XL over the essential phone tbh, Essential is kinda dead 🙁 but still good speed test.

  6. Back and forth back and forth lol the Essential phone is still very much relevant against any flagship phone even though it's a bit older.


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