Date of stream 24 Mar 2020.
Live-stream chat added as Subtitles/CC – English (Twitch Chat).
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coronavirus stream 4 #lockdown

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  1. | Read: | | | Follow and subscribe and help George get Twitch Partner! | Programming archive🡿

  2. that moment when a hacker is able to more research over the topic than thousands of scientists and millions of politicians

  3. Here is an interesting question: How many fatal accidents due to limited visual input would be OK in order to not sacrifice autonomy?

  4. Medcram channel has cool updates on coronavirus AND talks about how zinc hinders corona replication and how chloroquine may be causing zinc intake by the cell. Without it, zinc level does not rise even if you take a supplement. Check out his channel and the video on the subject.

  5. Camostat mesylate looks really interesting, especially as it is approved for use on humans in Japan. You can read "SARS-CoV-2 Cell Entry Depends on ACE2 and TMPRSS2 and Is Blocked" on

  6. Everyone need to make a Tshirt sell them on your YT channel saying Stay Back 6ft I don’t want to catch Stupid! Wallmart installed before Pysop cashless automatic checkouts machines which happened to be 6 ft apart

  7. There's a reason there's not a single example of Socialism turning out well, and it's not because "we haven't done it right yet". It is NOT compatible with the Human operating system.

  8. You use tmux and vim as well? Awesome, I do the same, I love it so much. Works better than everything else I've tried. Are you into bug bounty hunting, or otherwise? I love it because it's real world and not like where the scenarios are NOT real world.

  9. George your a genius but a lot of the info you sourced you could have gotten a lot quicker from low hanging fruit in certain threads, I dunno just effeciency or something. But keep doing what your doing.

  10. DMT completely shifted my "default" view of reality, truly life changing experience. Microdosing LSD is a ream game changer for me in terms of laser focus and productivity.

  11. I'm still confused why I couldn't talk positive to another person in your Twitch chat about I didn't even ask the question the other day but responded to someone about how awesome it was lol. I'm sure there's a reason but my business sense isn't quite there.

  12. nice information i really appreciate your vedio for more amazing info visit once

  13. Take a look at Med Cram ( he explains how the virus works. (Explains about a possible treatment). Love your work, keep it up.

  14. Throughout the next decade, there are going to be a lot of Satoshi Nakamoto disrupting everything. Welcome to the age of decentralization!

  15. The solution is so obvious: isolate only people with high risk of death from covid-19 (60+ yo or problems with immune system) and free everybody else


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