Join 10th grade students of the John Lennon School Berlin as they embark on a “The German History Scavenger Hunt” exploring Germany’s past, present, and future. Students will compete in two groups as they answer the questions: How can people learn from history? How can people make a difference?

“The German History Scavenger Hunt” film is intended to be a successor of our popular “Field Trip to Berlin” DVD. The film features stories told through the experiences and words of German school students themselves. Which team will win? Will it be team “Blue Bears” or team “Yellow Submarine”?

“The German History Scavenger Hunt” film is flexible for the needs of educators. The film may be viewed in three consecutive parts, each with approximate 10 minutes duration, or in its entirety of approximately 30 minutes. Social Studies, STEM, and even German language educators decide what is best for their high school classrooms. TOP always recommends that educators view the films before using with students.

Auto close captioning on YouTube and German language subtitles available.

This film was developed for and supported by the Wunderbar Together Year of German-American Friendship. #WunderbarTogether


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