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Violent clashes broke out between police forces and firefighters who were protesting in Paris on Tuesday.

Footage shows police repeatedly using tear gas and water cannons against firefighters.

Scuffles during which police were seen beating firefighters with their batons also took place.

Firefighters rallied in the French capital to demand guarantuees for their pension plan, better working conditions and a pay raise, with an increase from 19 percent to 25 percent in their ‘risk pay,’ as they claim staff shortages have been making their job more difficult.

A previous protest held by French firefighters in October was marred by clashes with police in Paris and in the southern city of Dijon.

On December 11, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced a two-year-extension of the working period necessary to earn a full pension, triggering the anger of workers and trade unions. The reforms attempt to overhaul France’s pension system into a universal system that will see pay-outs calculated from whole careers rather than the current last five years of activity. The pension age will also be increased from 62 to 64.

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  1. firefighters with backpacks?!, they smell like fakes, some of these firefighter images are legit but these fakes appear like typical protesters

  2. Never would I ever think I would witness firefighters battling police on their own city streets until now….now that’s fucked up.

  3. Theres a part of me that was kind of hoping that when the Police started using water cannons on the firefights they'd go 'so thats how we're playing it then'. Then bring in the fire engines to see how the police like water….

  4. 3:35 thats fireman brotherhood ! U know those guys charge flames head on , what are your riot gears and battons compared to that !

  5. It’s looks like a awful dystopian movie. When the police and firefighters are fighting something wrong. France needs to take a long look at itself and ask when emergency personnel are protesting and clashing are engaged with fellow emergency personal smelting hair be fixed

  6. Such a disgrace! Paris's finest clashing with Paris' bravest. The shame of France. Since the formation of the EU, we've sadly witnessed the firemen of Athens, Greece, Brussels, Belgium, and now Paris clash violently with the police. It must really suck to be a fireman in a EU country. Good for the smart British to get out.


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