Falconshield – The Hunt Is On (League of Legends Music – Rengar vs. Kha'Zix)

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Another epic antagonism! As usual a 100% original song from Falconshield.

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Most stuff: Josef Falkensköld
Additional amazing guitars: Martin Floberg

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21 thoughts on “Falconshield – The Hunt Is On (League of Legends Music – Rengar vs. Kha'Zix)

  1. Always when there is a game that i play as Rengar and the enemy team has Kha'Zix…. well this song stays in the background on repeat.

  2. lol, rengar: "the reason i'm alive, to hunt, to feed(…)" fcking rengar troll, he lives to feed, fucking feedars. report rengar please. gg wp.

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