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League of Legends stream moments and plays by (Imaqtpie, Trick2G, Froggen, Aphromoo, VoyBoy, Nightblue3, Sneaky, Bjergsen, PinkWard, Tobias Fate, Doublelift, Pobelter, Shiphtur, KayPea, BoxBox, VoyBoy, LL Stylish, Dyrus, Faker, Scarra, Pokimane, Bjergsen, IWDominate, Gripex,) and anonymous League of Legends players. Funny moments and outplays. I hope you’ll enjoy the video!

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  1. Faker's being pressured by that game. Old faker can roam around the map with good teammates and with teamwork. Now, it's not the same. Uneasy game.

  2. 외국인들도 응원하는 페이커를 정작 자국민이 가루가 되도록 까고 있는 상황이라니..너무 안타깝다

  3. I will always have respect and admiration for Faker. His emotion, passion and drive led to a point where his body showed the result. That man pushed himself so hard, and although it wasn’t enough, he gave it every drop he had in the tank. To me… that is the spirit of a legend. A King in his right. Faker you will always be respected for what you have accomplished. Everyone who memes this moment, does not understand what it takes to be GREAT. To walk tirelessly in a direction that many cannot even imagine. I will never be a gamer at the Level of Faker… but God damn this man inspires me to work harder in life. Real talk…

  4. That's crazy i'm gone be respectful for you but your title is a really bastard title. You're just trying to surf on the hype and you're not better than journalist at the press conference of SKT. I don't know if you make money of it or what is you're goal but i can't tell if you're ages are less or more than 12. Those people like you just don't deserve this visibilty but i guess when there is shiiit content people still come to see. (btw i'm not trying to be mean with you i watched a lot your videos and now idk what to say when i see those titles).


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