Netflix’s latest original feature, starring Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, alongside Bollywood sensation Randeep Hooda, is about as high-octane a thriller as any action fan could hope for. Through all the captivating action sequences and frenetic fight scenes, Extraction actually manages to tell a pretty complex story with an ambiguous ending that has fans abuzz with theories.

Extraction follows protagonist Tyler Rake, a former member of the Australian Special Air Service Regiment now working as an off-the-books mercenary. At the film’s outset, he’s engaged by fellow killer-for-hire Nik Khan to rescue the son of India’s leading drug kingpin, who is currently being held for an exorbitant ransom by rival Bangladeshi drug lord Amir Asif.

A hiccup during Rake’s attempted “extraction” of his target brings down the wrath of Saju, another former special operative currently in the employ of the Bangladeshi drug lord. Rake and Saju engage in a complex game of cat and mouse…

But they ultimately end up working together to outwit the authorities on their tails.

As far as action-thriller set-ups go, it’s about as compelling as they come, but viewers hoping for a clear-cut resolution that sees charismatic anti-hero Rake victoriously walking away from an explosion in slow motion were left with a real head scratcher. Let’s break Extraction’s ambiguous ending down with a little help from the film’s director, Sam Hargrave.

At the beginning of the film, shark-eyed mercenary Tyler Rake has an obvious death wish. His ambivalence toward his own continued survival is a big part of what makes him such a deadly merc. We learn that much of Rake’s nihilism stems from the death of his son, a loss that still haunts him.

It’s his relationship with Ovi, his target for extraction, that ultimately saves Rake from himself. As Rake begins to form a bond with Ovi, he no longer sees the drug heir as a simple job, but rather a kid whose life has become more important than his own.

By the time the film reaches its climactic shootout on the bridge, Rake takes a mortal wound to ensure Ovi’s safe escape. This emotional beat lands because we actually believe that Rake no longer wants to die, but has chosen to give up his life to save Ovi’s. So Rake gets to go to his grave feeling like he redeemed his soul, while Ovi lives to fight another day. Satisfying ending, right?

Not so fast.

After Ovi’s daring escape, the film presents a very unexpected coda. In the final moments of Extraction, Ovi jumps into a peaceful swimming pool, a mirror image of Rake’s first scene jumping off a cliff. When he comes up for air, he sees a blurry figure standing in the background who bears a striking resemblance to Rake, but the film ends before we get any actual confirmation. So, what gives?

As it turns out, Extraction’s final moments were left open to interpretation by design. Hargrave weighed in on the mystery surrounding this final scene. He told Collider:

“We had a version of the movie, and we tested it a lot, and it was not surprising that a lot of people wanted the character to live, and some people wanted him to die…If people on one hand feel like the story is complete and is a story of redemption through sacrifice, then for them, it’ll be where the kid is imagining [Rake standing there], and then now you go, ‘Yes, I’m satisfied.'”

Hargrave went on to explain, quote, “If you feel like you love Tyler Rake, and you love Chris Hemsworth, and you want a sequel, and you’re like ‘There’s no way, you can’t kill him!’ then that’s Tyler Rake standing there looking at you. So we kind of purposefully did not pull focus to the character standing there.”

For fans looking for a little more closure, Hargrave shared that the original screenplay for Extraction included a much more definitive ending. In screenwriter Joe Russo’s intended story, Tyler Rake very explicitly dies on the bridge, completing the character arc he started when he dove off that cliff in the initial scene. Hargrave told Collider that the test audiences weren’t crazy about the sacrifice, however.

He dished:

“People were torn; it was almost down the middle. We want to appeal to as many people as possible without compromising the integrity of the story. And so, we think a pretty good compromise is to make an ambiguous ending.”

Hargrave ultimately admitted that he prefers to imagine that Rake is dead by the film’s conclusion, claiming that he felt as though Rake had redeemed himself through sacrifice. For fans in desperate need of finality, that’s probably the best you’re going to get. The rest of us will have to learn to live with the ambiguity, at least until we get an Extraction 2. Watch the video to have Extraction’s Ending Flawlessly Explained!

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  1. from India most of us like to see to see Randeep Hodda which is more known as playboy of Bollywood if the series will continue

  2. I'm really not sure how the ending was explained "flawlessly". This explanation is consistent with pretty much everybody's explanation!! Speaking of flaws… 0:49 – Saju is not in the employ of the Bangladeshi drug lord. He is actually the henchman of the Indian drug lord who is incarcerated. And it's not his wrath which is unleashed. Ovi's dad cannot afford the merc services and threatens to kill Sajus son if he doesn't rescue Ovi. So saju had the mercs extract ovi from Asif and wanted to intercept the handoff.

  3. Great Movie, definitely my favourite Netflix Movie to date. Amazing performance from Chris and Hooda, And the ending was well thought out. A little supm for everyone a guess🤷‍♂️. A prequel would be nice though since we all kinda know this dude is definitely dead 😅

  4. Saju is not on Bangladeshi drug lords side , he was there to steal the kid from Chris he wanted Chris to do the heavy lifting to get the kid

  5. Didn't have high expectations but I was pleasantly surprised. Action scenes were pretty good with not too much of shaky cam, there's a one sequence action scene in there too. Pretty cool overall !

  6. What was Tyler carrying in the bag on the bridge? Seems stupid to carry something heavy in a situation like that

  7. I think if there will b sequel.. this will be the story
    Tyler is alive the kid who shot him at the last will help him to get out of the river as we saw grief on that boy’s facr at last shot of him.. he will save him
    And as they showed us tyler can stay very long under the water so i am sure he is alive …he jumped from the bridge so he dont get shot in the head and die

    Hit like if u agree

  8. He narrated the story wrong…saju was working for india's drug lord who was currently in jail for charges.

  9. imagine
    -God of thunder
    -Getting face off with thanos
    -Has a home called Asguard
    -And just killed in Bangladesh by some young child

  10. Really good movie and at the end you see next to the pool a guy standing next to the pool I told my wife is gonna be second part

  11. gangsters was not upto expectation..they donot have skills and aggression….actor like liam should be acted in top movies for mercenaries type or where skills of gangsters are capable of kidnapping in movies…..its just 2 star movie…credit because of Hemsworth

  12. it's not the real scenario of Dhaka. The basic things was full with error. Where they had put millions of money?

  13. Apologies but not too impressed with the movie. The fight or shooting aint great like what i expect it to be. The major reason its a hit is because Chris is acting in it.

  14. I personally think the man standing next to the pool when Ovi comes back up from the water is 100 % Tyler.. Gunshot probalby jsut hit his side neck and he dove down to water to "save" himself.. cez he couldve just bleed out right on the spot.. probably survived the whole thing and came back after all the months.

  15. Guys if you really enjoyed Hemsworth's movie, I strongly recommend his other masterpiece called Blackhat. That was also great.

  16. The point they showed chris breathing inside water in the beginning of the movie was put as to make ending confusing .. it was of no use to show that scene in the beginning if they want him to dive in the sea

  17. Its the russos buddy,
    If they can make a time machine using some sub-atomic type science and then bring back the stones to defeat thanos and complete captain america's date….then they surely can have an explaination for that blurry dude alongside the pool!

  18. This movie was fantastic. I enjoyed this as much as John Wick. Chris’s performance this was 🔥💯

  19. Just watched the movie. Wow. Chris has finally found his “Liam Neeson in Taken”. It should be concluded that he lived. Movies where the hero dies in the end usually is hard to make a sequel or a thought of a sequel. Him possibly living gives the audience a thought that it may be true that a sequel could be in the near future. This is good as it keeps people hanging on to a good story plot for years.


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