How does the resurrection of Jesus Christ help us get through all that we’re going through right now? In this special Easter message, Pastor Rick Warren walks you through the events of Jesus’ death and resurrection, showing how the miracle of Easter can take you from fear and pain, and from confusion and grief, to freedom and joy.

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  1. Please pray for me. My life is out of control. I have no one to talk to and see nothing but pain in my future. I am 67 with a mountain of debt and i don’t see any way out if it. I married a good woman 42 years ago but she was an unbeliever and no matter how much i prayed and tried we are still far apart on that front. We are 2 people only tied together by a title.
    I read the Bible but the words and message get blurred by the tears I am not the person i was so many years ago. I fear that I changed and left God out of my life instead of being the strong God fearing husband and father i needed to be. I let God down and my family down. I need your help.

  2. I just found your channel (actually, it found me). It just started playing on my phone, so I watched it. It was one of your sermons, about hearing God's voice. I was floored. You made some comments that really made me feel a lot better, it applied EXACTLY to what I am going through. Thanks and stay safe in The LORD.

  3. Pastor Rick, I am Gina from Philippines, please hug my mother in your prayers, my mother is suffering from chronic Kidney failure. And she cannot go to the hospital for dialysis because of the total lock down due to Covid19. her name is Shirley Abucay. Thank u so much…

  4. Pastor Rick, Happy Easter, I am glad you are talking about Easter here. I wish to ask you a question here. I am a Christian who believe and celebrate Easter but what will you say about this Idea that Jesus, and even His closest companion did not ask us to celebrate Easter (Christmas). I know I can dismiss this Idea easily because i believe in the resurrection but i wish to understand that area of not celebrating this event because Jesus did not ask us to celebrate

  5. Thank you, pastor Rick and the team in Christ for your sharing. Happy Easter. Happy Jesus Resurrection Day 🙂
    Jesus our Lord has been risen from the dead. Happy Easter !

    I remember the verse that touch my heart to share today is Romans 10:9

    Romans 10:9 New International Version (NIV)
    "If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved."

    Scriptures quoted from

  6. OH, to experience the power of His resurrection in my daily life! How! By the power of the INDWELLING HOLY SPIRIT Whom the Father gives to ALL who would invite Jesus into their hearts! How under-utilized the Holy Spirit was in my life as a Christian, for many years, till God sent Word teachers/preachers my way and opened my eyes ot the wonderful Truth that I am INDWELT by God Himself, through the Holy Spirit. "The most ignored Person of the Trinity" – the Holy Spirit – as some preachers have said. May many more believers know to tap into the Power of the Holy Spirit residing in their hearts! Romans 8:11 – the same power that raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, Paul said.

  7. I SO appreciate you, Pastor Rick! The Lord BLESS you! God has gifted you with an incomparable ability to present kingdom truths with simplicity! It's no wonder people from all walks of life, with varied cultural, religious, educational backgrounds come to Saddleback Church in droves! Most of all, I LOVE how your lifestyle is not ostentatiously opulent! May all pastors follow your lead. I can't understand how pastors can live with opulence while a large majority of their flock are struggling with finances, even with rent money!

  8. It was AFTER Pentecost – the Holy Spirit coming down and filling them – that the apostles were EMPOWERED to proclaim the gospel, even braving martyrdom! Oh yes, they rejoiced when they saw Him risen, but Jesus knew they needed the Holy Spirit to totally set them free from fear/timidity. We need Pentecost! The Baptism in the Spirit, just as Jesus said to His apostles.

  9. HALLELUJAH! No one can't keep Jesus Christ in the grave! No one can keep His followers from RAISING A HALLELUJAH! The King is risen!

  10. Jesus died for our sins and arose on the third day!! He lets us know that we are wrestling not the “corona” not physical but the spiritual war!!

  11. Happy Easter pastor Rick. Thank you for giving us hope through Jesus Christ in these tough times. Love from India.♥️

  12. HAPPY EASTER! Thank you SO much for your encouragement and your message, Pastor Rick. We are so thankful for you. PRAISE GOD!


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