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It’s been more than a decade since Eva Marcille became a household name after winning America’s Next Top Model, now the 31-year-old says she wants to host the VH1 reboot of the model competition.

In an interview with theGrio’s Chris Witherspoon, Marcille talked about her return to TV in the upcoming BET docuseries About The Business, but she didn’t shy away from revealing her ambitions to head up the show that in 2003 made her famous.

“[I] should be the host,” she said when asked to weigh in on the news the news of ANTM being rebooted. “Tyra… she can be a mom. That takes a lot of time and work, I’ll tell you that.

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Eva Marcille says she wants to host ‘America’s Next Top Model’ reboot

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  2. Eva “The Fake Bitch Pigford” hosting ANTM?? No thanks. Please stick to getting into arguments with Marlo on RHOA. Eva is trying to live a life that isn’t really hers. She’s so fake and uninteresting.

  3. Um…why didn't this happen? Eva as a host would have been hot! Well Since Tyra is back being the host now, maybe next season the judging panel can be past winners from ANTM and or the one's who are successful and of course bring back the Jay's if they are not already back (missed a few episode so I haven't been watching).

  4. at least (I hope you play her) consider develop, write, direct and produce the production. So the little one can once again "let's my Mom or Maw (-:

  5. okay, I have comment on your Lovely daughter, the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree (-: really I'm out O H L bye

  6. I can see her hosting along with Caridee, Jaslene & Naima as the judges. I could see Bre as the runway coach and Whitney as the Creative consultant.

  7. She would be better host than Rita, and it would be awesome to have someone who already had the top model experience

  8. like FRIGGIN' YEEEEEEEEEES! I hate Rita. Doesn't know a flippin' flyin' thing about modeling and made the show all about her. WTF. She friggin ruined my favorite show.
    I've ALWAYS wondered and wanted and DREAMED about the former contestants judging and hosting the show. That'd be super awesome.


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